The Rudds

The Rudds is my “Surrounded by Idiots Challenge.”  I loved this challenge upon first hearing of it and couldn’t wait to get it started.  It’s a nice change of pace from the Legacy grind to only have to control one sim!  The added bonus is that it’s also hilarious!  My plan right now is to run this challenge for as long as I can or my torchbearer dies.

Here’s a link to the rules for Surrounded by Idiots Challenge.

The Rudds began with their adventurous and, in his own words, awesome founder T-Dog Rudd.  T-Dog is a rebel soul who came to Roundabout with a mysterious past.  Since arriving dirt poor in this little village he’s had good fortune come his way time and time again, mostly with the women!

T-Dog’s introduction, and the beginning of the story, begins at the link below.  I’ll also try to list episodes here so you can read them in chronological order.  For now, you can use the Category tag in the righthand menu.  Just look for “T-Dog”

Episode 1 – T-Dogg Rudd and the Idiots

This page will grow as the Rudds do.  Hang in there for more Rudd awesomeness.


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