The Harrisons

The Harrison family is the main focus of this blog.  This is the main page that should give you a fairly good catch up on the family so you can jump into the action.  At the bottom is a link that takes you to the first post of the story.

The Harrison Line

Dale Harrison -Deceased-

Harrison came to Roundabout Corners as a simple freelance artist and the love of a good poker game.  When his freelance art business dried up he turned to some of his more “shadey” friends for unemployment.  In no time, he found himself succeeding in a life of con-men and crime.  His mail lady struck up a conversation with him one day and before he could say, “I love being single,” he was hitched to one of the best women around Roundabout.  He was known for his love of jumping on the couch, playing poker and later, horrible fishing.

He worked his way up to several high scoring jobs and was able to maintain a significant level of anonymity in criminal circles by making sure nothing pointed back to him or his family.  That nearly all changed when Ivy Copur got him involved with a high paying but sensitive job that almost went south for him AND his family.  After that, he retired from the criminal life and focused on his family.  He made enough on a final job to keep his family going while he began to sell his paintings.

Dagmar proceeded him in death.  He became very subdued after this and he passed away in his study working on a final painting of a bonsai.

  • Pleasure sim, Aquarius.  Career – Criminal, Artist

Dagmar Harrison -Deceased-

Dagmar was the one that took the initiative with the relationship with Dale.  She thought he was cute when he first moved in.  She finally got the nerve to speak to him one day and the rest is history.  She had been living a wild, single life up to that point but Dale swept her off her feet.  She really wasn’t even that concerned when he confessed he was actually a crook!

Due to Dale’s successes, she retired from the postal service and was able to focus on her cooking career.  This was short-lived as the pressure of dealing with children and the odd hours of a criminal forced her to stop.  She took to writing instead and was able to turn out a few small, entertaining books to help the family.

As the pressures of having Calder and Brendon increased with the stress of Dale’s criminal jobs, Dale had a nervous breakdown in her later years.  She never fully recovered and was known for some unpredictable antics including the manipulation of Zen Slate and Calder’s relationship.  Dagmar passed away unexpectedly while cleaning the living room at home.

  • Romance Sim, Taurus.  Career – Retired mail carrier, Fiction writer

First Generation

Calder Harrison (Eldest Son)

Calder was an interesting child that grew up to have a brilliant mind.  He also grew up with his father’s love of women!  During his teenage years he was continually flirting with women older then him.  Unfortunately, hampered by a love of schoolwork and an adolescent case of acne that would make the Elephant Man blush, he was unsuccessful in every one of his pursuits.  Then, he grew up.

He had several women attracted to him as he went through medical school.  Unfortunately, Calder was cursed with a love for two women, his family’s maid and close family friend (six years his older) and his school mate sweetheart, Zen Slate.  As he grew to adulthood, Kaylynn the maid began returning his affections which made things all the more complicated.  Calder was resolved to marry Zen.  However, Zen began acting oddly and eventually got into a fistfight with Dagmar, Caldar’s mother.

Things reached a climax when, on Calder and Zen’s wedding day, Kaylynn was forced by a mysterious presence to flirt with Calder in front of Zen.  It was too much and Zen left Calder at the altar thus clearing the way for Kaylynn to eventually propose to a confused Calder weeks later.

Life has settled for Calder and he has risen quickly in the medical field.  He has taken over his father’s estate, married Kaylynn and they have given birth to two children, Jake and Gwen.

  • Knowledge Sim, Libra.  Career – Medical Profession.

Kaylynn Harrison (Calder’s Wife)

Kaylynn was the Harrison’s maid and actually helped raise Calder during his later teenage years.  Once Calder grew to be an adult, he and Kaylynn continued their friendship which eventually surprised both of them by blossoming into a romance.  Separated by over five years the two had no problem bridging the age difference.

Calder’s parents, knowing Kaylynn as a longtime family friend, supported the relationship.  When Dagmar found out that Kaylynn’s acting career was failing and that she was living in a one bedroom apartment on the bad side of downtown, she insisted Kaylynn move into the house.  Knowing her son was weak when it came to women he loved, Dagmar secretely wanted Kaylynn there to try and influence Calder away from his growing romance with Zen Slate.  This ultimately led to Zen leaving Calder at the alter.

Kaylynn was there immediately to help Calder and within a few weeks had been bold enough to ask him to marry her.  He happily agreed and the two now continue the Harrison line with two children; Jake and Gwen

With Calder rising in the medical ranks so quickly, Kaylynn is a stay at home mom taking care of the two children.

  • Family sim, Aquarius.  Career – Retired maid, actress, stay at home mom.

Brendon Harrison (Dale and Dagmar’s Second Eldest)

Brendon thought his aging Dad was perhaps the coolest man to walk the earth.  He was only able to get to know Dagmar after the breakdown.  Regardless, though he acknowledges his  Mom was a bit nutty lately but she was still there for him.

Brendon’s smart, very smart and he knows it.  He’s very curious and he’s come a long way from sucking on plastic blocks.  As he grew older, Brendon’s bubbly happiness seemed to take on darker undertones.   The family began to notive him being very temperamental and not afraid of confrontation.  The only person he seemed to be able to connect to was  Dale, his father.  When Dale passed away, Brendon took it very hard and the death seemed to drive a wedge into the brotherhood.  Brendon felt Calder could have done something with his medical knowledge.  A month after the argument, Brendon left the Harrison household to make his own way.

  • Knowledge Sim, Sagittarius.  Career – Journalism, Part time DJ.


Second Generation
Jake Harrison (Calder-Kaylynn’s first born)

Gwen Harrison (Calder-Kaylynn second born)


Notable Characters

Zen Slate

Here’s a link to the first post for the founder, Dale.  Most of the Harrison stories are in chronological order.

Introduction: Dale Harrison


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