Hey all,

There’ll be a bit of a pause in things over the next week or so.  I’m gonna take advantage of some real life Free Time and am headed northward on a vacation.  Hello cool weather and goodbye heat wave!

Back in a few for more silliness!


The Face of Danger

It was a bit slow coming to the plate but in the end it was WAY more important of a curveball then me losing my job!

Rebecca thought that maybe she’d eaten some bad food at work or maybe picked up a flu bug.  She was acting a little weird about it but I figured it would pass in no time.  Just a flu bug, right?  Regardless, she kept running to the bathroom over…

And over…

And over!

Annnnnd, there’s the curveball.

Don’t get my flippancy all wrong.  I got damn excited when Rebecca told me we had a little Dog in the oven.  I got downright giddy!

Rebecca, on the other hand, almost immediately  started getting a bit weird about cleanliness.  I mean she was always hopping into the shower before hand but now, well, now she was taking things up a step.

And as the days progressed, she started acting even weirder.  I took her for some new clothes and she wandered off to the bathroom.  A few minutes later another customer came out saying there was a woman washing herself up in the sink… naked.  At home, she was scrubbing everything constantly  Even with the maid coming every day she was cleaning stuff that was already clean.

Including herself…

Like I said, she’s never been a shy girl.

And, she was starting to act a bit more loony.  Loonier than usual.   I guess you could call it scatter-brained in some ways and, well, loony in others.  For instance, though she’s all focused on being clean she tends to not pay attention to anything else.

I was working hard keeping her fed but, really, I’ve noticed that when the hunger hits her she doesn’t even wait long enough for me to make something.  For instance, when she saw the sandwich sitting on the outdoor table, in the sun, with bugs around it.

Made me sick to even watch it but it didn’t even phase her.  For someone that’s all freaked out about being clean she sure can eat like a goat.

And another instance, I woke up one time in the middle of the night due to a thunderstorm.  I found her outside, in her underroos and making about eight hot dogs.  “All for me,” she said with a smile.

But, we made it through and one morning, ‘Becca doubled over and started yelling cuss words at me.  I figured it was time.

Sure enough, we had a beautiful and bright little boy!  How proud is the T-Dog now!  One of the best nights of my life.  Rebecca was tickled pink and almost wouldn’t let me hold him.  She just stood there looking at him, then at me, then at him, then at me.  Like she wasn’t sure she could trust me with him.  How funny is that!

And what did we name him?  You’re gonna love it.   We decided on Danger.  Danger Rudd.  Best durn name  ever.  Even with a name like that we figure he’ll need a nickname somewhere down the road.   Then again, maybe not.

Changing Things Up

Hullo all!  Rusty here.   Yes, you have the right page and yes, the blog is going through a bit of an overall.  I wanted to shake it up a bit and it helped that I fell in love with one of WordPress’ new themes.

The stories will continue shorty and let me know what you think of the new look!

Taking a Curveball

Well, I knew I had to lose my luck somehow.  Things were going way too smoothly.  Got hitched to a sharp looking lady who knows how to bowl, got a nice office at the Copper Eagle motorcycle company and was all settled into a routine.  Something had to go wrong at some point, right?

Rebecca’s been fantastic.  She don’t really do much besides go to her job at the newspaper, lay around on the sofa and try to get me in the sack after dinner.   I don’t really have a complaint with any three of those.

Especially when she lays around the sofa looking like this which, by the way, she seems to do all the time.

I don’t think she’s got a shy bone in her body.  One day  I asked one of the office guys to come hang out after work.  He agreed and made himself at home.  Rebecca had left a note saying she was tired and sleeping so we were quiet.  We ordered a pizza and put on a ballgame.

Then, an hour or so later, Rebecca got up and without a blush strolled into the room wearing your usual “about the house” outfit and planted a kiss on me.

Then, she plopped down next to Quinton as he was finishing his pizza.

Yeah, that was awkward.

So, yeah, Rebecca aint anywhere near a problem in my life.   The problem in my life came when I said the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person.  The result of all that ended up costing me my job!

I’m telling ya, I was madder than a hornet and in one foul and nasty mood.  We’d just got up over a few thousand dollars in the bank and now I lost my job.  The Man just wants to keep T-Dog down!  They’re always messing with T-Dog and I’m telling ya, one day, T-Dog is gonna show ’em all.   Gonna be a good day when that happens!

I was so mad that when ol’ Rebecca came up to give me a hug  when I got home, I shoo’d her away!  It took me a couple of hours to simmer down.  Luckily, I got an email from Quinton who told me he’d get me the Sales Director’s address and the pier number where his boat is tied up.  That cheered me up a bit.

‘Becca kept trying to cheer me up since that same day, she’d gotten promoted and the money would be fine.  When that didn’t cheer me up as much as she thought she moved on to plan B.  Plan B involved, as you can expect, the bedroom.  Whoo, that was a very long and complicated Plan B!

Next morning I felt much better and was actually looking forward to taking some time around the house.  I could do a whole passle of stuff at home and maybe even bring in some $ as well.   ‘Becca was fine with it and, once again, before you can say, “Strike out,” Ol’ T-Dog is knocking out a ground rule double.

Well, ok, after a day or two of that I realized I was really bored.  I had the idea I might try to work from home or something similar.  ‘Becca had another good windfall at work and we were in good shape for awhile.  Things were getting good enough to even call up the maid service.  I don’t know what it is about this place and my luck with women but this is who they sent…

She and I get along alright and she does a great job around the place.

Now, don’t be getting any of those thoughts.  I’m in love with my crazy ‘Becca and don’t intend on straying.  Besides, I can’t help it if I got the “magic mojo of the T-Dog.”   I mean I worked some magic before in my day with the women but whatever happened when I came to Roundabout has surprised even me!

So, with the extra time during the day I spent some time re-arranging the trailer, looking online for some ideas for a home business and perfecting the awesome that is the T-Dog.

And about that time is when the next curveball came our way…

Catching Up with the Harrisons

Life in the Harrison’s has been somewhat, well, ordinary.  Calder continued his medical career and Kaylynn continued to take care of Jake.   Both Calder and Kaylynn appeared to be more in love than ever regardless of the fact they never really seemed to see much of each other.

In no time it was Jake’s big birthday.

Jake definitely looked to have taken his Dad’s eyes and his Mom’s hair.

Unfortunately for Jake, he got a bit excited during his party and had a small accident.  This caused him to go into an emotional fit and then hide in the bathroom for the remainder of the day.  Not a good sign for emotional stability.

Another guest made themselves known to Calder.  He heard the silent call and went outside to speak with his friend.  The Leader of The Pack had been with him most of his life now.  The dreams were no longer dreams and Calder knew, more and more, he was led to something larger and more impressive then he had ever seen before in his life.   He also began to wonder if the call was not for him but for perhaps Jake or other, future members of his line.

Life continued.  Even though they rarely saw each other with Calder’s schedule, they still made the best use of the small amounts of time given.  The result?  Another Harrison was shortly on the way and although shocked at first, Kaylynn grew more and more excited by the growing family.

Jake also appeared to have a serious trouble with his schooling.  Calder remembered how his own father had talked to him and worked with him.  However, Jake seemed more stubborn then Calder had ever been.  Calder worried about pushing him too hard but still kept on him.

Kaylynn began a very odd diet of strange deserts and lobster.

She also took large amounts of time to play with Jake as much as possible.  He loved the attention and it seemed to help him with his schoolwork as well.

And as winter approached, Jake made a new friend in the neighborhood.

Then, the fateful day.  While Calder read the newspaper and Jake played outside, Kaylynn went through labor by herself.  Calder, the doctor, came running up the stairs once he heard her cries but was too late to be much help.

Soon, the Harrisons had a new addition to the family and it was a first, a girl!  The parents was incredibly excited to finally be able to finally add a little girl to the clan and Kaylynn was beside herself after living in a household of mainly men for far too long.

When they called Jake, he ran upstairs and, once again, showed his over the top emotions about the matter.

More aware than ever they both have their work cut out for them, Calder and Kaylynn retired for the evening.  But perhaps not as aware as one would hope.  Within an hour the two of them were at the whoo-hoo again, flinging sheets and throwing sparks.

Would a third Harrison be on the way?  Calder did sort of hope so but one thing he did know and that was, regardless, they were going to need a larger house.  He decided then and there it was time to hit work hard, get the final promotions he needed so as to secure wealth for his family.

But could Kaylynn do it alone?  And would he get it done before he was too old to continue?

And, perhaps more importantly, what did the Leader of the Pack think about it?

Silly Grandpa

My name’s Jake and my parents are awesome.  I love them very much.  Dad isn’t really home much.  He’s always rushing out the door in that long white jacket of his.  It’s ok.  Mom is really nice and she takes real good care of me.

Just the other day she taught me how to walk.  Now I can move around the house even more and play the knock stuff over game!   She reads to me and watches me.  She gets me bottles when I ask for them.  My Mom is great.  Sometimes she acts a little weird, rushes about and says weird words into the sky.  I dunno what that’s about.  I just think my Mom is great.

When Dad is around he’s pretty nice to me.  We learn all sorts of stuff too.

For instance, I called him “Dah” the other day after I sat in the stinky red chair.  He thought it was neat.

Granpa, or somebody I think is Grandpa, floats around the house alot.

He and Grandma both seem to do it at night.  I see ’em stand by Mom and Dad’s bed sometimes.  It’s funny cause they stand there like they want to talk and then Mommy and Daddy wake up and look all tired.  Then, Grandpa goes away again.  I don’t think Mommy and Daddy can see Grandma and Grandpa unless Grandpa wants them to.  Mom and Dad are always walking around not looking at them and stuff.

Except when Grandpa jumps out at them.  Its funny!  One time Grandpa scared Mommy like that.  She made a wet spot on the floor!  I thought she should use the stinky red chair!

What’s funnier is that Daddy likes it.  He always smiles and laughs when Grandpa pops out of the wall.   Sometimes Daddy, when he’s not running out the door in his long white coat, walks around looking for Grandpa.  Grandpa always gets him though and Daddy just laughs and laughs.

Grandpa is silly.  I like him.

You know what else is silly?  My rabbit!  He is so silly I chew on his ears!  That’s pretty silly!

((Again, another delay!  As nicer weather rolls around I may not be updating as much.  Never fear, though, I’ve no plans to stop telling the stories from Roundabout!))

A Lucky Strike

It was a normal day around the place.  I had the day off from my mailroom job and was working on some plumbing issues.  I figured there’d be some problems given how little I paid for the place.  Luckily, Ol’ T-Dog is a Grade-A handy-man of the finest caliber.  Starting with the leaky shower, I worked my way down to some other issues underneath the trailer.
Once that was done I was walking the perimeter when fortune finally decided to shine on me.  Her name is Rebecca.  Rebecca Sanders.  She’s the sister of the cowboy who came by on my first day here, Mugsy.  She was out for a walk, saw me digging around underneath the trailer skirting and was curious as to what I was doing.  She said her father was into construction and even though she knew she didn’t look it, she was a bit of a tomboy.
I told her she was an angel and invited her to lunch.  Imagine my surprise when she agreed!
Well, that lunch led to a single date.  The single date led to several more.  Rebecca’s funny cause she may appear all city-like and frilly but it aint really the case.  She just likes to look nice, least that’s what she tells me.  Down deep, though, she’s as tough as nails.  She also knows how to let her hair down and have a good time.  The two of us just can’t seem to get enough of each other.
I knew I had hit solid gold when I took her to the bowling alley just to see her response.  She just grinned that tomboy smile and said she loved bowling.  She then ordered a couple of hotdogs and we hit the lanes.
After one evening at the alley she decided to show me something she called a “long standing Roundabout Corner’s tradition.”  It involved the photo booth.
I just thought we were getting our pictures taken!  Imagine my surprise when she showed me what the “tradition” was all about!  It’s ok though cause T-Dog knows how to handle just about any situation…
She even got me out dancing.  That aint happened since my high school prom and I was sniffing glue at the time.
After awhile of this, I dunno how long cause it was all a blur, maybe a few days, maybe weeks, I finally couldn’t take it anymore.  She was making me crazy.  I’d done a lot of thinking, wrote a lot in my journal and you know, got it figured out.  When I was ready I invited her over for a real fine dinner I’d ordered up on the phone.
It was time for me to give her a surprise instead.
She was delighted and a few weeks later we both just couldn’t take it anymore.  I  married her in the bowling alley where it had all started.  She was pretty sure her brother was gonna be upset about not being there but she didn’t care.
Like I said, I’m not sure what I did right to earn such a fine and beautiful gal.  Whatever it is, I don’t care.  I’m just darn thankful!
And, yeah, could it get any better?  Yes, it can.  She makes some damn fine hot dogs too!