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Changing Things Up

Hullo all!  Rusty here.   Yes, you have the right page and yes, the blog is going through a bit of an overall.  I wanted to shake it up a bit and it helped that I fell in love with one of WordPress’ new themes.

The stories will continue shorty and let me know what you think of the new look!


The Plan, Part Two

Unlike his brother, Brendon was having the time of his life.  Dagmar arranged for Brendon to get into private school based on the Brendon’s grades, an amazing dinner, and her silver stylings of schmoozery .

Dale, seeing his sons move upward into a life he had never had, was delighted.   He was also enjoying his retired life.  Fishing, painting, seeing his children prosper, as well as hot dates with his wife made him in a ferverishly good mood.  Brendon, within a few days of joining the new school began bringing home “friends” on the bus.  These friends were a constant distraction from his house and school work.  Fortunately, Brendon, by all appearances, was becoming a very talented young man who was able to keep several things going at once AND not slip on his homework.

However, Calder did not have it as well.  The good news was the clouds of doubt he had been having between his choices did seem to be departing.  He’d decided whether his parents agreed or not he was going to ask Zen to marry him.  He loved her a great deal and she made him laugh with her constant goofiness.   He knew she loved him as well.  He felt it was better to press forward then to wait in indecision!  After working a few shifts, he gave her a call and they met outside the luxurious Londoste restaurant.

Zen and he had a wonderful dinner.  He wined her.  He dined her.  At the very end of a delicious meal filled with good conversation and laughter he played his surprise upon Zen Slate.  The plan worked to perfection.

Calder was overjoyed and the two finished the date in each other’s arms.  Calder went off to work after dropping Zen off at her home.   He felt as if he were walking on a cloud.

Meanwhile, at home, Dagmar was suspicious.  Something told her that Calder might be about to do something a bit rash.  She needed a master play, something that could seal the deal between he and Kaylynn.  That evening, Kaylynn was over again and once again, Dagmar cornered her.  While Dale night fished in the back pond they talked in the upper hallway for almost an hour regarding Kaylynn’s finances and her living arrangements.  She asked Kaylynn to move in with the family.

Kaylynn was resistant at first but Dagmar had lived with a con man far too long.  She could see Kaylynn was desperate and tired of living by a showstring.  She needed a good place to live (and a good man to live it with!)  She pressed.  She pressed and eventually Kaylynn folded.  In final relief at her good fortune, Kaylynn hugged Dagmar fiercely and accepted the offer.

What neither of them knew was that Dale was not really fishing.  He’s received an email from the woman who had arrived unannounced at their house previously.  She wanted to meet him at the edge of the woods.  They needed to talk immediately.  He grabbed his fishing pole and excused himself from the house.  He met the woman in the shadows by the pond.

The meeting did not go well.  She was pressuring him.  They needed his help.  She and Ivy had been able to narrow down what was going on but it may be too late.  He was the last person they could turn to.  Something very bad had come to Roundabout Corners and they needed more information.  Her and Ivy were not sure what but it was something more than just your normal gang boss or psycho con man.   They needed his skills to help them break into an elegant home on the north side of town so they could learn more.  Maybe he could help them see something they were missing?

Dale was tempted but he stood his ground.   He’d put his family through too much and would not risk it again.  He was proud of his family.  He wouldn’t do it.  There were younger cons and thugs out there with more skills than he.   He was out and intended to stay out.  Things got heated and she stormed off back into the treeline.

Dale watched her go and hoped he had made the right decision.  He figured only time would tell.

The next morning, while Calder was still finishing up his night shift, Dale was not that surprised to see Kaylynn making breakfast in the kitchen.  She had been sort of a regular around the place lately.  What sort of surprised him was the news Dagmar broke to him at the table.  Kaylynn had accepted their offer to move in!  He’d sort of seen that one coming.  The real shocker for Dale was when Dagmar started talking about grandkids and what kind of toys to buy for them once Kaylynn and Calder finally tied the knot.  That had Dale really wondering if his wife were functioning at a hundred percent.  Kaylynn also began to second guess her decision.

Even through that he was happy for Kaylynn and the family.  It would only help his son see some good common-sense reason involving his relationships.  If nothing else, it would get him to stop thinking about that loony Zen Slate.

That was, of course, until Calder got home.

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Holiday Memo

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I’m still battling a shaky computer and currently doing the holiday shuffle.  There will be more posts but they may not be as constant.

Enjoy your family and friends, everyone.

I’m Still Here

Just a quick note for those folks who are waiting for more posts.  I’ve been really slammed the past few weeks and have not been able to get posts done.  On top of that I seem to be having a serious issue with my graphics card which has been causing issues when I do get a chance to play for a bit.

I’m hoping to have bits of this worked out over the coming weekend so bear with me!

The Difficulties of Dagmar, Part One

For those worried about Calder, there wasn’t much to worry about.  Tessa was able to shake him out of his stupor a few moments later.  They had a brief talk and Tessa agreed to not say anything to his parents.  However, if she ever heard he did it again, she’d rat him out.   Tessa shoo’d Calder out of the bathroom so she could use it and he headed for the stairs and to bed.  He nearly missed school the next day but he recovered nicely.

That evening, still grimey faced, goofy, and full of hormones, he went out to the front yard and decided to stargaze.  It was almost like he was trying to find Meadow Thayer somewhere up there.


The first Fall rains came into the area and the air began to carry with it a comfortable chill of a morning.  Ever the stalwart active mom, Dagmar immediately pushed Dale outside for a game of catch in the rain.  The two of them had been surprisingly happy together since the decision for another child.  She was so proud of Dale and Dale adored her.  (Yay!  I finally got Seasons!!!  Big thank you’s to the Sim Fairy!  You know who you are…)


Later that week, the autumnal winds brought with them an old friend of Dale’s, Ivy Copur.  Stopping by the house, she introduced herself to Dagmar.  Dagmar discovered Ivy was not just one of Dale’s friends but also an old friend of the “trade” who had come looking for Dale’s help.   She’d come by to talk to Dale but had missed him.  Dagmar invited her in and told her Dale should be home shortly.


Dale returned home and was ecstatic to see Ivy.  They’d worked a con together a few years ago and the two of them had hit it off pretty well.


After some catching up, Ivy got down to business.  Always an adventurous and fun-loving Robin Hood, Ivy had worked her way in close with a crooked state legislator this time around and after a few months had finally scored information she needed to cinch a con.  The target was dirty through and through, had been responsible for instances of misconduct with interns, and Ivy wanted a piece of him.

She knew the operation would be much too large for just her to handle so she’d decided to come talk to the one man who could probably pull it all together, Dale.  The senator would be leaving town in a few days and Ivy wanted to make their initial move on him while he was off his home turf.  It would require her and Dale to travel several hundred miles to follow the senator to a speaking engagement.

They’d make their moves, which involved blackmail,  revealing the illegal connections to pharmaceutical companies as well as a host of other indecencies, and then do a full reveal to a news station to cover their tracks.  It would be dangerous but the pay off could be sizable in both money and emotional reward.

Ivy Discussion

With a newborn on the way, Dale was hesitant.  Dagmar was becoming increasingly nervous about Dale’s work but she could tell by the look in Dale’s eye he wanted in.  She also noted the look in his eye as he spoke with Ivy.   There was no denying Ivy was an attractive lady and even Dagmar stole a few looks at her now and then.  However, she trusted Dale.  He was a grown man and if there was a chance of something happening between him and Ivy she knew he’d tell her.  The two of them were good like that.

She insisted that he go on the job.  “Maybe,” she said, “if its as good of a pay-off as she says, it’ll be the last one you need to do for awhile?”

As the evening wore on, Dale and Ivy talked over the con.  The three of them talked late into the night.  Ivy ended up agreeing to sleep on the couch for the next several days in the computer room as  logistics were worked out and Dale planned to travel in order to talk to a few key contacts.

Dale and Ivy

dag and Ivy

As more things came into play and the pregnancy took its toll on her, Dagmar grew more and more stressed.  She tried to hold it in.  Unlike the first pregnancy, she was continually tired.  She hated passing out and or getting sick.  She hated it.  The pregnancy made her feel weak and she was not looking forward to the pain.  Her sleep was starting to be more irregular and her mind would race onto how quickly things could crumble if Dale were caught.  He’s be sent away.  Would Calder be taken from them?  Their newborn?  Would she end up in prison too?  It was all getting too dangerous, too risky.  Dale was about to move into the realm of federal offenses.  It could be disastrous.  And she had prompted him to do it!  She wanted to change her mind but the gears were already moving.  What would happen if it failed?

(At this point, out of nowhere, Dagmar popped a fear of giving birth at -5,000 points.  What the?!?!?!  She also popped the want of having Who-hoo with 3 other sims.  Wow.   Her wants and fears started to completely contradict each other and her happiness scale was sliding.  Things were about to get very interesting…)

Later in the week, Dagmar woke up thoroughly exhausted.  She’d slept for almost seven hours but it had not helped.  Her dreams had been crazy, twisted.  Dale had left to go upstate for more planning before dawn and she forced herself downstairs to make some sort of food.  She settled on omelletes but even as she served the food she felt dizzy, out of place.  For no reason whatsoever a wave of fear washed over her.  On shaky legs, she sat down and tried her best to hide her emotions from Ivy and Kaylynn, whom had come over to clean.  Ivy noticed something was going on with Dagmar but couldn’t figure out what.

Deep down, however, Dagmar knew and all she could repeat to herself was, “Not yet.  Not yet.  Not now.  Not now.  Its not safe.  Please, not now.”   She tried to distract herself by talking to the ladies about Dale’s artwork.

Dag at Lunch

It didn’t work.

(To be continued!)

Boys Will Be Boys

It all started when Dagmar struck up a conversation with the maid.  It was concerning the new broadway coming to town.

Dagmar mentions theatre

Kaylynn smiled broadly and mentioned that she loved theater and couldn’t wait to see it.  She was, after all, an actress who was just doing the maid thing in order to survive.  She told Dagmar she had already auditioned for two plays in the area and was just waiting to hear back on them.  When Kaylynn finished  she stuck around for a bit and continued her talk with Dagmar.

She confessed she thought Dagmar’s family was wonderful and that she thought Dale was a wonderful catch.  She asked what Dale did for a living and Dagmar said it involved business and a lot of travel.  She neglected to mention the parts about the heists, guns, and alleyway dealings.

He travels

When Calder got off the bus he had brought his friend, Derek Pearson, over with him.  Dagmar noticed how they both blushed when Kaylynn said hello to them.  Soon, they were doing their usual gamestation play time and Dagmar continued getting to know Kaylynn.

Then, the boys changed their tune.  Somehow, weeks of playing gamestation had, in their mind, turned them into men.  In a burst of male hormones they decided on a plan for Calder to get some alone time with the maid.  As Dagmar took care of something in the kitchen, Derek wandered in and started striking up a conversation.  He complimented her on her makeup, on her choice of clothes.  His attempts at charm were cute but he had forgotten who Dagmar lived with.  Never try to con a con man’s wife.

Kevin and Dagmar

Dagmar thought it was very cute.

Meanwhile, Calder had cornered Kaylynn upstairs in the family study.  His moves were, not surprisingly, as smooth as his buddy Kevin’s.  Kaylynn was flattered, thought it was cute, and decided to NOT tell the young man he had an angry zit on his forehead.

Calder and maid

Unfortunately, ever his father son, Calder pushed his luck a bit too far…

Calder pushes luck

Kaylynn patted him on his head and suggested they both head downstairs.  Another family friend, Ziriya, had arrived shortly after Dagmar patted her pursuer on the head and escorted him out of the kitchen.  The boys, refusing to admit defeat, simply shifted targets and began again.


Dagmar was not sure what had gotten into her son or if it was just Kevin’s influence.  She would have to have a long talk with Dale and remind him he needed to scrub his son’s brain out again with a scrub pad.

Later, as the women joked about the young boys she did tell Kaylynn one thing.  She had to admit,  her son and his friend DID have good taste.

Dagmar and Kaylynn

Around Roundabout – The Sanders

The Sanders are a family that live up the road from the Harrisons.  Tessa, Rachael, and Mugsy are all siblings and  were the welcome brigade on that first week in the new house by the harbor.  They themselves are new to Roundabout Corners only having lived in town roughly a year.


Mugsy, the oldest, is from the mountains and currently living with the sisters after working on a cattle farm.  No one knows why he left.   He showed up six months ago looking for a place to live.  Tessa naturally gave him a room.  Though polite most of the times, he has a gruff streak that sets most people off.

Tessa, the tomboy rebel,  is currently in Roundabout to pursue a medical job.  Rachael, a professional volleyball player, is the socialite.   Both of them agreed to come to Roundabout to share a house so as to defray the costs and build their careers. Though they feud occasionally, are incredibly close.    Mugsy was not part of the initial house plan but the two sisters continue to tolerate their older brother until he can get back on his feet.

Since the initial meeting, the sisters have become staples around the Harrison house.  Tessa and Dagmar hit it off and have become close friends.

Dag and Tessa

Stunned to learn she was a sports star, Dale seems to appreciate the fact that although Rachael puts on an air of sophistication she tends to have the brash and honest personality of a sailor once she gets to know someone. 

Dale_happily surprised

( I kid you not this was the icon that came up between the two of them.  I almost had to clean soda off my keyboard.  “You know, Dale, I prefer spotlight whohoo.  It gets me ready for the next match, you know?”)

Mugsy is the one who isn’t around much.  He seems to be a bit of a loner and keeps to himself.  When he has been over with one of his sisters he does seem to enjoy hanging out with Calder.  Dale’s guess is it’s Mugsy’s rough and tumble cowboy humor that fascinates Calder.  The two seem to enjoy themselves.

With Rachael away at matches, Tessa frequently calls the house looking for Dagmar.  Before and after Dagmar quit her job at the restaurant, Tessa has been over continually and both her and Dag have developed a warm and close  friendship.  When they’re not talking or goofing off they seem to actively take care of one another.

Dag and Tesssa02

She’s also been the one to cheer Calder up after a rough day at school by playing gamestation with him.  She jokes around with Dagmar and Dale constantly.

The kicker to all of it?  None of the Sanders know what Dale REALLY does for a living…