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Egad!!! It’s Been Awhile!

So, after losing two computers and having to limp along on a 8 year old dusty desktop computer, I’m finally back!  Wow.  That sucked!!!  In the great crash of 2010 I lost pretty much all of the Harrison Family, T-Dog and Roundabout Corners.  It set me off so badly I pretty much wanted nothing to do with Sims 2 for awhile.

However, after getting a gifted laptop that can handle the game, I’ve decided to start all over again.  I’m a sad, insane man.  This time around though I’m going to do something a little different and start a Prosperity Challenge with a twist!  More on that in the next few posts.

What about Roundabout Corners?  What about the Harrisons???  Well, for now, I’m willing to just let them be, dissolved due to a horrible multi-dimensional time flux/portal/hole thing.  I will be starting Roundabout but it won’t be with the Harrisons.  If anything, since I wasn’t too far along anyway, I might restart T-Dog in a larger Prosperity style neighborhood.  I just don’t know.  For now, I’m enjoying kicking off the new Prosperity called Crossroads Valley.  If I get time or an itch I need to scratch, I’ll get T-Dog going again and we’ll see what happens!

It’s good to be playing again.  I was poking around Strangetown a day or so ago and one of my sims ran into Bella Goth.  What a surprise that was!  Anyway, I’ve worked the kinks out after not playing for over six months and I’m raring to go.  I’ve got a bit more time lately but it’s being taken up with my writing and looking for a new job.  Posts might be a little smaller but that just means more finely tuned, right?  Speaking of tuned, stay tuned as I get Crossroads Valley off the ground which should be this weekend!


Life with Danger

Things got hectic fast around the ol’ homestead.  Rachael had to go on back to work and that left me, Mr. Nanny T-Dog to take care of things.  Danger grew up fast and he and I celebrated his birthday quietly while his Mom was away at work.

Rachael was on the go a lot but she kept making good decisions which simply helped us out more and more.

It seemed like I was constantly on the go even though I didn’t have a job yet.  Danger proved to be a bit of a rascal in learning things.  As stubborn as his old man which at first I found charming.  Don’t worry, it got old real fast.

Don’ get me wrong but I think the boy’s got a block of stone for a head.

What he did like to do was play with his little kid music machine thing.  Hours and hours, he just sits on that thing and taps away.  He loves it.  Maybe he’ll grow up to be one of them celebrities of rock and roll!  That’d be good cause then Ol’ Rachael and I could just retire in a big ol’ house Danger buys for us.  Danger Rudd, Rock God!  Yeah!

During some down time I happened to stumble onto an opening at a local company selling hardware and lumber.  On a lark, I applied and what do you know if I didn’t get accepted!  So, with me going back to work, it was time to hire up a nanny for Danger.  She seemed alright and the two of them took a liking to each other.

I also started worrying a bit about Mrs. T-Dog.  Her eating habits are durn near shocking sometimes.  I figured it was just the pregnancy but, wow, she just wouldn’t stop eating the weirdest combinations or the oldest, fer that matter.  It finally got up to her real good and she was sick for several days.  It didn’t stop her though.

We didn’t have much time to ourselves while we were trying to raise Danger.  It was getting to her and I think after the food poisoning something inside her went over the deep end.  I came home one night to find her in the kitchen making noises with her mouth and little Danger playing in the overflow from the toilet.

Needless to say, that was a shocker.  I just figure we need to go out and get a night on the town here soon.  Maybe.  Sometime.  Eventually.

Then, things started to REALLY go downhill.  I came home one day and Danger had pulled one of his usual boneheaded moves and decided he wanted to go outdoors.  Clever little lizard.

Luckily, he just wanted to enjoy the view and munch on his fingers.  That’s how I found him.

Then, I found out that the nanny had been giving Rachael a hard time about some of her habits and how she took care of Danger.  She had started bossing her around, telling her what to do and getting in Mrs. Rudd’s face.

I’m sure Rachael would have punched the old lady out but, like I said, she hadn’t been feeling one hundred percent so, instead, she cried alot.  I found out about it and fired the old chicken that day.

I’ve pretty much been doing everything since then.  Taking care of Danger, feeding everyone and trying to keep my new job.  Rachael really aint up to much.  She goes to work, eats, dances with the mop and then wants to hit me up for a little who-hoo.

If I aint completely exhausted, I usually go along for the later request.  And even if I’m just a little exhausted, that’s why God made coffee.  Right?

Time moved quick on all of us and before we knew it, Danger was growing up.  Both Rachael and I decided to take a day off to celebrate.  I invited Lucy the maid and Quentin from my old job.  The two of them sort of hit it off after I introduced them.  Not sure what might happen there.  Wish ’em both the best.

Not much of a gathering but they showed and I ordered pizza.  Poor Rachael was so tired she nearly fell asleep in the bathroom.  I encouraged her to take a quick nap.  Her definition of a quick nap, unfortunately, was to sleep for ten hours.

Danger and I made the most of it.

And that was that!  Danger Rudd bringer of Chaos.

The Face of Danger

It was a bit slow coming to the plate but in the end it was WAY more important of a curveball then me losing my job!

Rebecca thought that maybe she’d eaten some bad food at work or maybe picked up a flu bug.  She was acting a little weird about it but I figured it would pass in no time.  Just a flu bug, right?  Regardless, she kept running to the bathroom over…

And over…

And over!

Annnnnd, there’s the curveball.

Don’t get my flippancy all wrong.  I got damn excited when Rebecca told me we had a little Dog in the oven.  I got downright giddy!

Rebecca, on the other hand, almost immediately  started getting a bit weird about cleanliness.  I mean she was always hopping into the shower before hand but now, well, now she was taking things up a step.

And as the days progressed, she started acting even weirder.  I took her for some new clothes and she wandered off to the bathroom.  A few minutes later another customer came out saying there was a woman washing herself up in the sink… naked.  At home, she was scrubbing everything constantly  Even with the maid coming every day she was cleaning stuff that was already clean.

Including herself…

Like I said, she’s never been a shy girl.

And, she was starting to act a bit more loony.  Loonier than usual.   I guess you could call it scatter-brained in some ways and, well, loony in others.  For instance, though she’s all focused on being clean she tends to not pay attention to anything else.

I was working hard keeping her fed but, really, I’ve noticed that when the hunger hits her she doesn’t even wait long enough for me to make something.  For instance, when she saw the sandwich sitting on the outdoor table, in the sun, with bugs around it.

Made me sick to even watch it but it didn’t even phase her.  For someone that’s all freaked out about being clean she sure can eat like a goat.

And another instance, I woke up one time in the middle of the night due to a thunderstorm.  I found her outside, in her underroos and making about eight hot dogs.  “All for me,” she said with a smile.

But, we made it through and one morning, ‘Becca doubled over and started yelling cuss words at me.  I figured it was time.

Sure enough, we had a beautiful and bright little boy!  How proud is the T-Dog now!  One of the best nights of my life.  Rebecca was tickled pink and almost wouldn’t let me hold him.  She just stood there looking at him, then at me, then at him, then at me.  Like she wasn’t sure she could trust me with him.  How funny is that!

And what did we name him?  You’re gonna love it.   We decided on Danger.  Danger Rudd.  Best durn name  ever.  Even with a name like that we figure he’ll need a nickname somewhere down the road.   Then again, maybe not.

Taking a Curveball

Well, I knew I had to lose my luck somehow.  Things were going way too smoothly.  Got hitched to a sharp looking lady who knows how to bowl, got a nice office at the Copper Eagle motorcycle company and was all settled into a routine.  Something had to go wrong at some point, right?

Rebecca’s been fantastic.  She don’t really do much besides go to her job at the newspaper, lay around on the sofa and try to get me in the sack after dinner.   I don’t really have a complaint with any three of those.

Especially when she lays around the sofa looking like this which, by the way, she seems to do all the time.

I don’t think she’s got a shy bone in her body.  One day  I asked one of the office guys to come hang out after work.  He agreed and made himself at home.  Rebecca had left a note saying she was tired and sleeping so we were quiet.  We ordered a pizza and put on a ballgame.

Then, an hour or so later, Rebecca got up and without a blush strolled into the room wearing your usual “about the house” outfit and planted a kiss on me.

Then, she plopped down next to Quinton as he was finishing his pizza.

Yeah, that was awkward.

So, yeah, Rebecca aint anywhere near a problem in my life.   The problem in my life came when I said the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person.  The result of all that ended up costing me my job!

I’m telling ya, I was madder than a hornet and in one foul and nasty mood.  We’d just got up over a few thousand dollars in the bank and now I lost my job.  The Man just wants to keep T-Dog down!  They’re always messing with T-Dog and I’m telling ya, one day, T-Dog is gonna show ’em all.   Gonna be a good day when that happens!

I was so mad that when ol’ Rebecca came up to give me a hug  when I got home, I shoo’d her away!  It took me a couple of hours to simmer down.  Luckily, I got an email from Quinton who told me he’d get me the Sales Director’s address and the pier number where his boat is tied up.  That cheered me up a bit.

‘Becca kept trying to cheer me up since that same day, she’d gotten promoted and the money would be fine.  When that didn’t cheer me up as much as she thought she moved on to plan B.  Plan B involved, as you can expect, the bedroom.  Whoo, that was a very long and complicated Plan B!

Next morning I felt much better and was actually looking forward to taking some time around the house.  I could do a whole passle of stuff at home and maybe even bring in some $ as well.   ‘Becca was fine with it and, once again, before you can say, “Strike out,” Ol’ T-Dog is knocking out a ground rule double.

Well, ok, after a day or two of that I realized I was really bored.  I had the idea I might try to work from home or something similar.  ‘Becca had another good windfall at work and we were in good shape for awhile.  Things were getting good enough to even call up the maid service.  I don’t know what it is about this place and my luck with women but this is who they sent…

She and I get along alright and she does a great job around the place.

Now, don’t be getting any of those thoughts.  I’m in love with my crazy ‘Becca and don’t intend on straying.  Besides, I can’t help it if I got the “magic mojo of the T-Dog.”   I mean I worked some magic before in my day with the women but whatever happened when I came to Roundabout has surprised even me!

So, with the extra time during the day I spent some time re-arranging the trailer, looking online for some ideas for a home business and perfecting the awesome that is the T-Dog.

And about that time is when the next curveball came our way…

A Lucky Strike

It was a normal day around the place.  I had the day off from my mailroom job and was working on some plumbing issues.  I figured there’d be some problems given how little I paid for the place.  Luckily, Ol’ T-Dog is a Grade-A handy-man of the finest caliber.  Starting with the leaky shower, I worked my way down to some other issues underneath the trailer.
Once that was done I was walking the perimeter when fortune finally decided to shine on me.  Her name is Rebecca.  Rebecca Sanders.  She’s the sister of the cowboy who came by on my first day here, Mugsy.  She was out for a walk, saw me digging around underneath the trailer skirting and was curious as to what I was doing.  She said her father was into construction and even though she knew she didn’t look it, she was a bit of a tomboy.
I told her she was an angel and invited her to lunch.  Imagine my surprise when she agreed!
Well, that lunch led to a single date.  The single date led to several more.  Rebecca’s funny cause she may appear all city-like and frilly but it aint really the case.  She just likes to look nice, least that’s what she tells me.  Down deep, though, she’s as tough as nails.  She also knows how to let her hair down and have a good time.  The two of us just can’t seem to get enough of each other.
I knew I had hit solid gold when I took her to the bowling alley just to see her response.  She just grinned that tomboy smile and said she loved bowling.  She then ordered a couple of hotdogs and we hit the lanes.
After one evening at the alley she decided to show me something she called a “long standing Roundabout Corner’s tradition.”  It involved the photo booth.
I just thought we were getting our pictures taken!  Imagine my surprise when she showed me what the “tradition” was all about!  It’s ok though cause T-Dog knows how to handle just about any situation…
She even got me out dancing.  That aint happened since my high school prom and I was sniffing glue at the time.
After awhile of this, I dunno how long cause it was all a blur, maybe a few days, maybe weeks, I finally couldn’t take it anymore.  She was making me crazy.  I’d done a lot of thinking, wrote a lot in my journal and you know, got it figured out.  When I was ready I invited her over for a real fine dinner I’d ordered up on the phone.
It was time for me to give her a surprise instead.
She was delighted and a few weeks later we both just couldn’t take it anymore.  I  married her in the bowling alley where it had all started.  She was pretty sure her brother was gonna be upset about not being there but she didn’t care.
Like I said, I’m not sure what I did right to earn such a fine and beautiful gal.  Whatever it is, I don’t care.  I’m just darn thankful!
And, yeah, could it get any better?  Yes, it can.  She makes some damn fine hot dogs too!

The Problems of Being a Stud

Well, this place just aint too bad at all.  Over the past couple weeks I’ve met and been introduced to more fillies then I know what to do with.  I’m exhausted.  It would seem there’s no end to the fine looking women here in Roundabout Corners and, more importantly, they all seem lonely.  And, to be honest, it’s getting a bit weird.  Let me give you a fore instance.

Met Jan Tellerman the other day and another Brandi.  They were both out walking by my house.  Brandi headed on home but Jan sure did seem interested in me.  We talked for a long time and then I just happened to mention getting some lunch.  We headed over to the 50’s diner that I like so much.  Every female in the place was looking at me.  When Jan went over to our table one of the customers just walked up and introduced herself to me.  She then took a table nearby and took turns between staring and winking at me.

Jan just took it in good stride and proceeded to talk to me about all sorts of weirdo mystical stuff.  I wondered if she might be one of them witchey-types.  They’re usually a good time up until they start summoning stuff.  Anyway, we made a whole afternoon of it and then, a’fore we know it, evening was coming on fast.

Thought I was having a good run of it too cause I asked her if she wanted to come on back to the house and have one of my world famous hot dogs.  That alone usually gets me slapped.

Heck, she said, “yes.”  So, we came on back and then I was surprised cause she just passed out on me, right there on the back porch.

I tried to wake her up but she wasn’t having it.  Heck, I aint gonna be no nanny for a full grown woman.  I went to bed.

Wouldn’t you know it?  She was still there, face down in her plate, when I woke up the next morning.  Enough was enough and I sent her packing with some ice water and a boot to the backside.

She just laughed it off and told me she’d call me this weekend!

Just going around town I’m running into all sorts of ladies.  I take a taxi, the driver’s a woman and chats me up.

The bartender wants to talk to me.  I thought that was supposed to be the other way around?

I get a pizza delivered and the delivery girl says I’m cute.

Heck, I even had two teenage girls stop by my place.  I thought it would be ok to let ’em hang out, watch some TV.  Then, a third one showed up and before I knew it, I had some sort of Oprah induced nightmare going on. I kicked em out the minute they started talking about cleaning my place.

The problem with all of this?  None of ’em are interesting.  Not a one of appears to be, “Mrs. T-Dog,” ya know what I mean?  I probably met close to twenty different women and not a one of them is somebody who I could stand to be with longer than half a day.  No sparks, no nothing.  They’re all kinda, well, normal.

Well, that ain’t true.  There’s Kari.  I can spend a day with her.  She’s feisty which is fun but there still aint no chemistry.

I just can’t seem to meet a woman who matches up to me.  All they wanna talk about is mystical stuff, shopping, or the weather.  Well, either that or all they wanna do is get me in the sack.

What’s a guy like me to do?

The only plus side is that sometimes, downtown at night, there some of those grey-skinned vampire types.  I like ’em cause they’re fun to pick on.  Seems that not a one of ’em can take a joke…

(Game note:  It’s so very true.  In a quest to find someone to hitch T-Dog to I have been unable to find anyone that is more than a one bolt rating.  He’s too poor to consult the matchmaker and the only person he has a chemistry with is Kari at one bolt.   One other thing is true too.  It’s fun to make fun of vampires.)

Introduction: T-Dog Rudd and the Idiots

My name’s T-Dog.  Well, at least that’s the name I’m gonna go by here.  I don’t feel comfortable talking about my past.   Mind you, it’s not like I done anything real bad or murdered anybody.  I just wanted a place to start over and this Roundabout Corners place seemed to be the perfect fit, you know?

This may surprise ya hearing this from a man like myself but awhile back I started scribbling in a journal.  I figured it was the best way to keep things straight when it geta a little foggy down the road.   It’s also a good thing to have when you gotta prove to the police you were where you said you were!  I figured this move to Roundabout was a good way to start a brand new chapter.  So, right after I got moved in,  I sat right down and got it kicked off.   Dear Diary, this is my story…

I had some cash I’d saved up just to move.  I found a good deal on a chunk of land on the edge of town and plopped down a used little trailer thing I found on the internet.  Guy came and done installed it and got it all settled a’fore I got here.  He even threw in the TV and a few tables for free.  It’s tiny but it’s home.  I went down to the V-Mart and picked up a phone and some food.   With that all said, I got a whoppin’ $100 to my name.  Should be enough to get started so I think I done pretty good.

I gotta say one thing about Roundabout.  Folks sure are friendly!  As least so far. I was outside checking on my phone line and this cute little blonde wandered past and just decided to start talking to me.  Now typically, that just doesn’t happen to me very much.  She said her name was Jan and wanted to introduce herself.  She was kinda cute and, I gotta say, she looked good in the cargo pants she was wearing.

Since it was almost midday I invited her to sit down and have some lunch with me.  I cook up a mean ol’ hot dog.  You maybe think I’m joking but I’m not.   You know you could even say that’s where I get my name.  T is for tasty!

Well, we were enjoying those hot dogs and I was telling Jan about a particularly nasty snow storm I survived in the mountains back in my youth when out of the blue a group of folks show up to the trailer.  Just walked around the corner and started introducing themselves.

And, except for the fellah, they were all good looking too!  And they all wanted to talk to me at once!  I threw a few more dogs on the grill and before I knew it we had a party going on something fierce.

One of them, a cute thing by the name Kari Slate, seemed to hit it off with me even better than Jan.  Her outfit was a lot more classier than Jan’s too.  Made me wonder why she was so interested in a ruffian like me.   She was laughing at all my jokes though.  She even laughed at my joke about the senator and the gorilla.   Not many laugh at that one.  I figured she was either really lonely or had a thing for witty, rough lookin’ men like myself.

And it wasn’t just her.  Between Jan, Kari, and this other one named Brandi they just couldn’t get enough of me.  They followed me around my place and even into my bedroom.  And let me tell you, they could talk.  Here it was only my first day in town and I was surrounded by a whole herd of beautiful fillies.  It got my blood to pumpin’, let me tell you!

Best I figure, Roundabout Corners don’t have many real men around.  Mugsy, who came with Kari, looked like the cowboy sort.  I just figured he was an exception and we got along  fine till he tried to hug me.   That was a bit too weird for me so I kindly asked him to back up a few steps.  I understood why he was running with so many lovely ladies that liked getting cozy with other men.

Anyway, the afternoon turned to evening and I made up some more hot dogs and busted out a few brews.  The others seemed to calm down a bit but Kari, well, she was into me.  I could tell.  She kept telling me about her life here and the problems she had with her daughter.

Said her daughter had almost married some idiot of a doctor or medic or something.  Said her daughter had found out that he’d also been sleeping with the family maid and the girl left him at the wedding altar.  I couldn’t help it but the whole story got me to laughing.

I told Kari that doctor sounded like one mean idiot for breaking up a good thing like that.  She liked hearing it and told me I needed to meet her daughter sometime.  I won more points when I took that opportunity to inform her that I was more interested in getting to know her.  She didn’t run or nothing either.  She actually smiled and kinda giggled.  I’m thinking this town is my kinda place.

Well, the party broke up a little after that.  Jan must not have showered before coming over cause she started getting a little ripe.  She excused herself and Brandi did the same.  Mugsy left when I told him I wasn’t making any more hot dogs.  Kari?  Kari stayed a bit longer and we actually got a little close on the couch while we watched some television.

I didn’t push things too much and remained a gentlemen.  The boys back home would’ve given me hell for it but I came to Roundabout to change my ways.  She eventually excused herself to head back home but she certainly mentioned that she’d like to see me later.  I told her that sounded good to me.

I wrapped up my evening with the windows open, relaxing and reading a fine book on the interrelationships and effects of global marketing.

((Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my new little sidenote also taking place in Roundabout Corners, the Surrounded by Idiots Challenge or otherwise known as the ISBI Challenge!  You can find the rules for the challenge HERE.   I’ve wanted to do this challenge for several months and T-Dog has been waiting in the wings for his first appearance.))

((The main idea?  You get to control one and only one sim during gameplay.  That sim is your torchbearer and all other sims run around doing their normal idiotic things out of your control.  Once one of the torchbearer’s kids gets to adulthood, you pass the torch to them.  The goal?  Don’t get your torchbearer dead.))

((Don’t worry, the Harrisons will be back in no time.  I’m just enjoying a little break and the chance to spread my stylistic wings a bit.  This particular challenge as well as T-Dog and the Rudd family I believe will be just the ticket.  And yes, as evidenced by the little comment above by Zen Slate’s mother, this is occurring slightly behind the current events in the Harrisons.  My goal is to get them caught up and running somewhat simultaneously. ))