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Egad!!! It’s Been Awhile!

So, after losing two computers and having to limp along on a 8 year old dusty desktop computer, I’m finally back!  Wow.  That sucked!!!  In the great crash of 2010 I lost pretty much all of the Harrison Family, T-Dog and Roundabout Corners.  It set me off so badly I pretty much wanted nothing to do with Sims 2 for awhile.

However, after getting a gifted laptop that can handle the game, I’ve decided to start all over again.  I’m a sad, insane man.  This time around though I’m going to do something a little different and start a Prosperity Challenge with a twist!  More on that in the next few posts.

What about Roundabout Corners?  What about the Harrisons???  Well, for now, I’m willing to just let them be, dissolved due to a horrible multi-dimensional time flux/portal/hole thing.  I will be starting Roundabout but it won’t be with the Harrisons.  If anything, since I wasn’t too far along anyway, I might restart T-Dog in a larger Prosperity style neighborhood.  I just don’t know.  For now, I’m enjoying kicking off the new Prosperity called Crossroads Valley.  If I get time or an itch I need to scratch, I’ll get T-Dog going again and we’ll see what happens!

It’s good to be playing again.  I was poking around Strangetown a day or so ago and one of my sims ran into Bella Goth.  What a surprise that was!  Anyway, I’ve worked the kinks out after not playing for over six months and I’m raring to go.  I’ve got a bit more time lately but it’s being taken up with my writing and looking for a new job.  Posts might be a little smaller but that just means more finely tuned, right?  Speaking of tuned, stay tuned as I get Crossroads Valley off the ground which should be this weekend!



Life around the Harrison house has been a bit hectic with the addition of Gwen, the first girl in the Harrison line!  We’re going to try something different this time and tell the story mainly through images.

The new arrival of Gwen kept everyone busy, Kaylynn more than anyone.

Calder invited the headmaster over to see if Jake could get into his private school.  It helped that Calder’s work at the hospital was well known.  What really threw everyone was how the Headmaster opened up during a story over dinner.  It seemed Roundabout Corners was getting weirder every day.

A few days later, Kaylynn had an accident in the kitchen.  A tragedy in the making…Things turned out alright and all the family lost was the stove.   If Calder had not run downstairs in time and called the fire department it would have been much worse.  Kaylynn was rattled about it for awhile.  Everyone else, however,  just showered up and went about their business.

During a particularly cold winter evening, Dagmar’s ghost began floating around the estate.  She wasted little time getting to business…

She continued to be seen for several evenings after that before vanishing back into the graveyard.  Jake told his parents about the event but failed to mention the puddle he’d made on his bedroom floor which he quietly cleaned up in the middle of the night.

Calder was fascinated by the whole thing but he did not have the time to investigate further.  He’d gotten word that the Chief of Staff for the hospital might be retiring.  He’d decided to make a run for the prized position.

Which meant ALOT of time devoted to study.

Amidst all this, Gwen had a birthday with a few of Kaylynn’s friends and Jake on hand.

Growing up she seemed to be a bit demanding, constantly asking for attention.  Seeing Daddy read so much lately, she also demanded to be read to by him, following him around the house until he did so.

And, it took its toll on Calder…

Gwen was turning into a real handful in so many ways.

On top of seeming to have quite the attitude, she’d somehow acquired some very interesting habits.  One of which she would sit and do in her crib for hours on end.

Jake, on the other hand, was excelling at the new private school.  He’d made a new friend, Marissa Bear and the two seemed to be hitting it off quite well.

They actually became fast friends and Marisa seemed to be coming over all the time.

However, late one night,  a very interesting thing happened to Jake.  One minute he was playing with Gwen and the next, well, everything was different!

Jake chose the Family Aspiration and he rushed over to his parents room to show them what had happened.  Someone else, however, was waiting for him!

This time he took the scare in stride, barely phased!    “Silly grandma.  Everyone knows you were crazy…” he seemed to mutter to himself before running downstairs to find his Dad who was busy studying.

Catching Up with the Harrisons

Life in the Harrison’s has been somewhat, well, ordinary.  Calder continued his medical career and Kaylynn continued to take care of Jake.   Both Calder and Kaylynn appeared to be more in love than ever regardless of the fact they never really seemed to see much of each other.

In no time it was Jake’s big birthday.

Jake definitely looked to have taken his Dad’s eyes and his Mom’s hair.

Unfortunately for Jake, he got a bit excited during his party and had a small accident.  This caused him to go into an emotional fit and then hide in the bathroom for the remainder of the day.  Not a good sign for emotional stability.

Another guest made themselves known to Calder.  He heard the silent call and went outside to speak with his friend.  The Leader of The Pack had been with him most of his life now.  The dreams were no longer dreams and Calder knew, more and more, he was led to something larger and more impressive then he had ever seen before in his life.   He also began to wonder if the call was not for him but for perhaps Jake or other, future members of his line.

Life continued.  Even though they rarely saw each other with Calder’s schedule, they still made the best use of the small amounts of time given.  The result?  Another Harrison was shortly on the way and although shocked at first, Kaylynn grew more and more excited by the growing family.

Jake also appeared to have a serious trouble with his schooling.  Calder remembered how his own father had talked to him and worked with him.  However, Jake seemed more stubborn then Calder had ever been.  Calder worried about pushing him too hard but still kept on him.

Kaylynn began a very odd diet of strange deserts and lobster.

She also took large amounts of time to play with Jake as much as possible.  He loved the attention and it seemed to help him with his schoolwork as well.

And as winter approached, Jake made a new friend in the neighborhood.

Then, the fateful day.  While Calder read the newspaper and Jake played outside, Kaylynn went through labor by herself.  Calder, the doctor, came running up the stairs once he heard her cries but was too late to be much help.

Soon, the Harrisons had a new addition to the family and it was a first, a girl!  The parents was incredibly excited to finally be able to finally add a little girl to the clan and Kaylynn was beside herself after living in a household of mainly men for far too long.

When they called Jake, he ran upstairs and, once again, showed his over the top emotions about the matter.

More aware than ever they both have their work cut out for them, Calder and Kaylynn retired for the evening.  But perhaps not as aware as one would hope.  Within an hour the two of them were at the whoo-hoo again, flinging sheets and throwing sparks.

Would a third Harrison be on the way?  Calder did sort of hope so but one thing he did know and that was, regardless, they were going to need a larger house.  He decided then and there it was time to hit work hard, get the final promotions he needed so as to secure wealth for his family.

But could Kaylynn do it alone?  And would he get it done before he was too old to continue?

And, perhaps more importantly, what did the Leader of the Pack think about it?

Silly Grandpa

My name’s Jake and my parents are awesome.  I love them very much.  Dad isn’t really home much.  He’s always rushing out the door in that long white jacket of his.  It’s ok.  Mom is really nice and she takes real good care of me.

Just the other day she taught me how to walk.  Now I can move around the house even more and play the knock stuff over game!   She reads to me and watches me.  She gets me bottles when I ask for them.  My Mom is great.  Sometimes she acts a little weird, rushes about and says weird words into the sky.  I dunno what that’s about.  I just think my Mom is great.

When Dad is around he’s pretty nice to me.  We learn all sorts of stuff too.

For instance, I called him “Dah” the other day after I sat in the stinky red chair.  He thought it was neat.

Granpa, or somebody I think is Grandpa, floats around the house alot.

He and Grandma both seem to do it at night.  I see ’em stand by Mom and Dad’s bed sometimes.  It’s funny cause they stand there like they want to talk and then Mommy and Daddy wake up and look all tired.  Then, Grandpa goes away again.  I don’t think Mommy and Daddy can see Grandma and Grandpa unless Grandpa wants them to.  Mom and Dad are always walking around not looking at them and stuff.

Except when Grandpa jumps out at them.  Its funny!  One time Grandpa scared Mommy like that.  She made a wet spot on the floor!  I thought she should use the stinky red chair!

What’s funnier is that Daddy likes it.  He always smiles and laughs when Grandpa pops out of the wall.   Sometimes Daddy, when he’s not running out the door in his long white coat, walks around looking for Grandpa.  Grandpa always gets him though and Daddy just laughs and laughs.

Grandpa is silly.  I like him.

You know what else is silly?  My rabbit!  He is so silly I chew on his ears!  That’s pretty silly!

((Again, another delay!  As nicer weather rolls around I may not be updating as much.  Never fear, though, I’ve no plans to stop telling the stories from Roundabout!))

Spirits in the Night

Jake Harrison was proving to be a bit of a handful for Kaylynn.

Calder, in the meantime, had been doing very well.  The down side being he had not been at home very much.   Even though he talked to her about it frequently, Kaylynn refused to call in a nanny service.  She wanted to be the one to care for Jake. So, Calder continued to work long hours and push his way up the medical ladder.

In an odd bit of deju-vu, Calder stopped and had an extended conversation with the mailwoman.  Unlike his father a generation earlier, it appeared to be an innocent gesture of friendship.  Only time will tell on that one.

One evening, in early fall, the house felt a little different than usual.  No one commented on it but everyone noticed it.  Calder was at work and Brendon was playing video games downstairs when Dagmar’s ghost floated through the living room wall.  (Woot!  My first ghost!)

Interesting enough, no one saw her.  She seemed very focused on what she was doing as she drifted past Kaylynn and a friend talking by the stairs. Not seeing her but perhaps sensing her presence, Kaylynn began talking about a tarot card reading she had done for a theater friend.

Heading upstairs, Dagmar moved towards one specific goal.

Her grandson.

Dagmar hovered by Jake’s crib for quite some time and then just as quietly floated downstairs.  She continued to move about the property for the rest of the night.  Just before dawn, she faded away.  The next morning, Kaylynn felt the need to clean up the small cemetery which had become overgrown with weeds.

Time passed and life continued.  Brendon continued going out with Crystal and the two of them were getting pretty serious.  Jake grew quickly and became a charming baby boy after a quiet birthday afternoon with his parents.

Jake loves the xylophone and once he starts banging away he simply won’t stop.  Calder likes to say that Jake will become a rock-god of the xylophone.

Then, after a month where Brendon was gone more than he was home, he announced to Calder and Kaylynn he was leaving to find his own house.  Eventually, Crystal would be joining him.  His things had been packed in advance and after a few tense hugs, he departed from the Harrison house and out into the night.  An awaiting taxi sped him away.

After watching his brother leave, Calder stayed up with Jake.

It felt natural that Brendon would finally be leaving the Harrison house but then, at the same time, it felt odd.  He and his brother had never reconciled after the argument by the pond.  Between the tension and his brother’s growing fondness for Crystal, his leaving had been inevitable.   What had he expected?  That Brendon would stay in the family house with him, grow old with his family?  Of course not.  It was silly to think that.  Calder still felt sad.  His brother had grown up and was heading out into the world.  He wondered what his father would be thinking right now?

Generation Three

Brendon had been spending more and more time out of the house.  If he was not working at his new job at the newspaper, he was running the downtown with Crystal.  The two of them had become quite inseparable.   On top of that, both of them appeared to be an odd mix of daredevil and trouble-maker.

One evening while dining out at their favorite bar, Brendon gave Crystal a smirk and suggested they try something new.

Crystal laughed and didn’t seem to mind the idea at all.  A few moments later the two of them were headed over to the phone booth in the corner of the bar.  Needless to say, you can guess what happened next.

Crystal has this odd habit of calling everyone crazy.  She does it to just about anyone that walks by her and seems to get a real kick out of it.  Obviously, she thinks she is the only sane one.  So, it was with a bit of hilarity she did the following after leaving the photobooth her and Brendon had just whoo-hoo’d in.

Flush with success and feeling pretty good, the two of them went around the bar making fun of the other patrons.  With Crystal’s crazy finger and Brendon’s point-laugh combo they stood on the dance floor for a long time entertaining themselves.

This had become just a regular night for them.

Back at the Harrison household, Calder was studying up for his next step up the Medical ladder while pregnant Kaylynn proceeded to eat everything and anything she could get her hands on.

Then, one evening, Calder was startled by hearing Kaylynn yelling from the bedroom.  The new baby was on the way!  Calder stood and cheered her on as Kaylynn went through labor as only a Sim can…

With that, the third generation of Harrison’s, Jake Harrison, was born.   The excited couple held their son and took turns holding him.  The first thing they noticed was how much Jake had Kaylynn’s bright green eyes.

Even though the split between the two brothers was getting worse and worse, Brendon seemed to take a particular interest in his new nephew.

Which was good because with Calder away more and more at work, Kaylynn was having a bit of a time learning the ins and outs of proper motherhood.

((And with the birth of Generation Three of the Harrisons, I’ll be moving to a slightly different style of posting here on Roundabout.  Here’s what will happen – As the story widens and more characters are introduced to Roundabout Corners, I desperately need to play certain ones more regularly.  I knew this would eventually happen so my plan is to move towards playing in rounds as other Legacy players do.  Basically, play a few days in one family and then move to the other.  The exception will be T-Dog as I get him up to speed.  This also means the posts may get to be a bit more streamlined.  Of course, I always say this and then it never happens.  Something to do with my verbose ways, I imagine.  This, I think, is a good thing, right?))

((Been a bit behind on things due to my grandmother passing on.  As I posted on the Twitter, “Death is much easier in Sims. A suitcase,hula girls. 1 thing stays the same, lots of crying.”))


As expected, Dale’s death unhinged the household for several weeks.  Brendon took the loss of his father hard.  He was more aloof than normal, rarely speaking.  He would stay out late at night.  He would rarely eat with Calder and Kaylynn.

Then, one weekend morning, Brendon stalked out to where Calder was fishing in the small pond his father had built.  Calder could tell his brother was upset and Brendon immediately wasted no time tearing into him over his father’s death.  The mystery of Brendon’s mood over the past weeks was revealed.

“You were there.  You’re a doctor.  You could have done SOMETHING!  You let him die!”

Calder tried to explain there was nothing he could have done.  Besides, his father had asked that he not try anything.  Their father had wanted to pass on.  He tried to get Brendon to understand.

It was pointless.  Brendon accused Calder of trying to take the house and finally, in a fit of anger, lost his temper.

Calder was stunned.  Brendon turned and stormed back into the house.  As he entered, his glare at Kaylynn set her back on her heels and she moved out of his way.  Going to his room, he changed clothes and took the old family car to an unknown destination.

Kaylynn did her best to reassure Calder about his brother.  He was only grieving, young, and angry at the loss of his parents.  He would come to reason in time.

Brendon tried to calm down.  He wandered the local park and the day slipped away.  As the sun set, he drove to one of the clubs where he would occasionally do DJ work.  He wanted to drink.  It was late.  He wanted to forget.  He wanted his anger to go away.

He was surprised when a beautiful but eccentric blonde woman approached him.  He’d heard of her kind but had never seen one in person.  With pale skin and red eyes, she moved close to him and introduced herself to him.

“You drew my attention,” she said to him.  When asked why she simply explained, “Your anger. ”

He was caught off guard and she moved closer to him.  Her voice was like velvet on his neck, relaxing him.  He couldn’t remember everything she said but he did catch, “I could help you with it.  I could help you with it in many many ways.”  A thrill shot through Brendon.  He was sure she could help him.

However, something in him caused him to step back and fold his arms, the woman smiled and said, “Think about it.  Here is my number.  I think we would have an…. interesting relationship.”

Off center, Brendon stumbled to the other side of the club only to have his second surprise of the evening.  This one, however, was far more pleasant.

“Hi, you don’t know me but I know you.”

Her name was Crystal Kody.  She was brash, intelligent, fun and obviously interested in Brendon.  Recovering from the Contessa, he asked Crystal to have a bite to eat with him and she accepted.  She’d first seen him DJ’ing at another club and had been following his performances.  She promised she wasn’t a stalker just someone who thought he had a real talent as a DJ.

They talked for long time.  He told her about his father and how he had come to hate his current living situation.  She was straightforward in her answer, “So?  Move out.  Get your own place.”  She smiled and moved a bit closer to him, “It was the best thing I ever did.”

Brendon was no fool and he knew his cues when given to him.  The night moved on, turned into morning and became increasingly warmer.

Brendon didn’t go back home that night.

Meanwhile, that same evening, Kaylynn was awoken with an odd feeling.  It was an odd mix of sensations but by the time she had crawled out of bed, she knew what it was.

And with it came a sudden hunger.  There was only one thing to do in the middle of the night and that was eat a large bowl of macaroni and cheese.

While other members of his family had their own surprises through the night, he had his own in the form of a dream.  The wolf with the glowing eyes was back in his dream.  Calder was in dressed as if he had just gotten up in the middle of the night.  He met the wolf outside the house.  Brendon was there this time, looking down on them.  Calder was talking to the wolf about something.  There was a vague memory that it concerned his father’s death.

Then, the wolf saw Brendon and as Brendon reached down to greet it the wolf snarled at him.  It crouched.  Brendon cowered.  Fangs flashed and just as the wolf was sure to lunge forward, Calder awoke.

Calder showered and tried to recollect more of the dream but he could not.  His newlywed wife called him down for breakfast and he trudged downstairs.

Kaylynn told him the news over a  plate of grilled cheese sandwiches she had made when the macaroni and cheese did not fill her up.   Calder thought the combination of grilled cheese and orange juice was a strange combination but he understood completely when he heard the news.   The dream from the night before faded from his memory.  They were going to have a baby.

They were so lost in their delight they did not stop to wonder where Brendon might be.