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Round One – Gurtok Family

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The Gurtok family is a small family of two orcs, Yulla and her aging father, Yurot. Yulla, on bad financial times and trying to care for her father, finally decided to jump at the opportunity offered by Crossroads Valley.  Yurot, … Continue reading

Crossroads Valley – Setup

When rolling the families for the challenge, I kept it entirely random with a hand d6.  I was surprised to get 6 families on my roll.  6 Families!  Yikes.  It was definitely going to be interesting!

Using the following chart I determined what race they were to be.  I kept humans pretty rare because, really, what fun is playing a majority of humans and only a few weirdo fantasy people?

1 – Human
2 – High Elf
3 – Orc
4 – Red Elf
5 – High Elf
6 – Orc

For the six families I came up with 2 high elf families, 2 orc families, 1 red elf family and a group of humans.  All other random things were determined by the random creation rules for Prosperity challenges which can be found HERE (among many other places about the internet.)  As you’ll see, I rolled quite a few elders.  I’m not sure how it will play out but that’s all part of the fun, right?

I currently only have Pets and Seasons installed for my game and so used one of the blank neighborhoods available.  For houses, I opted for the last four cheapest ones in the game and decided the fifth least expensive house from the end would be given out on a 5 or a 6.  (It could technically break a family funds-wise but I wanted to add it to the random mix. )  With things decided I started rolling for houses and getting families built per the rules random charts.  It took a bit longer than expected!  I decided on no pets at first for any of the families.  I figured I’d have enough on my plate without worrying about pets at first.

(FYI – had I wanted pets I would have simply turned to the dice and set up something quick like – On a 5 or a 6 a family will have a pet.   If a pet is rolled then 1-2 = Cat, 3-4 = Dog, 5 – 6 = Other.  Another roll could be made to see how many pets, etc.)

Finally, I was all done and Crossroads Valley looked like this at start-up.

I decided to start with the Gurtok family and from there the order will be as follows; Gurtok, Zylanius, Qin Halshani, Bloodtusk, Penderson and then the Tulroz family.

And so, with notepad, pen, dice and a cool beverage at hand,  I loaded the Gurtok family and kicked everything off!

What is Crossroads Valley?

Crossroads Valley is my new Prosperity Challenge I’ve started and this particular Prosp. Challenge has a twist!  I’ve decided that my kind of fun is to play with the classic racial antagonism of elves and orcs.  During my down time I had the thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to build a Prosperity Challenge that featured two sets of opposed factions that REALLY didn’t like each other?”  What sort of things might happen? How would it work?  So, once I got the new laptop, I set out to poke it with a stick and build it.

There are four distinct races in Crossroads Valley; humans, high elves, red elves and orcs.  Humans are, uh, well-known and will make up a few playable families and, of course, all the townies.  High elves are your typical fair skinned, long eared fancy types.  Red elves have red skin, long ears and are a bit more, uhm, drastic in the way they handle conflicts.  Orcs are those green-skinned types that everyone loves.

I’ve decided not to spend a lot of time making or finding new clothes, content etc.  I want to get in and start playing!  Instead I’ve gone with downloaded skin colors and the idea that the Sim world is something akin to the old Shadowpunk roleplaying game.  In that world, elves, orcs and other fantasy races lived in a modern 21st style century world just like you and me.  This makes it much easier and let’s me get to playing instead of futzing.  (There’s nothing wrong with futzing mind you…)

As far as politics, I decided it goes something like this – Humans are the neutral race and can take any alliance they want.  High Elves may only initially align with other elven races and humans with the caveat that red elves and high elves merely tolerate each other and do not really get along well.  Orcs may only ally, at first, with other orcs and humans.  That is their initial temperament but it can change during game play.  How does it change?  Well, this is based on not so much hard and fast rules or points but along the lines of the Matrix system I’ve mentioned previously in my other gameplay post. Basically, I’m going to see what happens in the game and then make a few dice rolls that will answer any questions I might have.  If wanted, I can make some of the posts more thorough and make sure I give examples of how it all works.  (And, yes, I’ll try to get some hard and fast rules put up sometime in the future.)

And, yes, just to be clear, we might get a few hostile deaths in there.  I want to simulate that well, in a valley full of elves and orcs things might not be very nicey nice.  To that effect, I’ll be making some matrix style arguments if conflict breaks out and we’ll see how it goes…

Each round spent with each family will be two days.  I may want to increase this but I’m happy with this time period for now.  I’m not a huge fan of 1 day = 1 year but I may shoot for something similiar to 1 day = 3 months or something similiar.  To be truthful, I’m not sure yet and may never actually designate this.  Why bother when I’m having fun without it?  On the blog I’ll record it in the title with the typical Round One and Family Name.

The Story – Several years ago, a conflict broke out between the elves and the orcs.  During that conflict, the red elves who normally like to keep themselves, ended up getting caught into the conflict as well.  Those battles are now over due to a shaky peace accord agreed upon by all parties a few years ago.  In order to try and bridge that seperation, a valley was designated as Crossroads Valley and families were allowed to move there, free of charge, with the only stipulation being they would have to share land with other races.  Even after it’s opening, it sat vacant for a long time except for the humans who, of course, are willing to go and move and build pretty much anywhere!

Eventually, a few families signed on and began moving into the Valley.  No one knew what was to come next and whether the experiment would be a success or failure.

Stay tuned for more!

Egad!!! It’s Been Awhile!

So, after losing two computers and having to limp along on a 8 year old dusty desktop computer, I’m finally back!  Wow.  That sucked!!!  In the great crash of 2010 I lost pretty much all of the Harrison Family, T-Dog and Roundabout Corners.  It set me off so badly I pretty much wanted nothing to do with Sims 2 for awhile.

However, after getting a gifted laptop that can handle the game, I’ve decided to start all over again.  I’m a sad, insane man.  This time around though I’m going to do something a little different and start a Prosperity Challenge with a twist!  More on that in the next few posts.

What about Roundabout Corners?  What about the Harrisons???  Well, for now, I’m willing to just let them be, dissolved due to a horrible multi-dimensional time flux/portal/hole thing.  I will be starting Roundabout but it won’t be with the Harrisons.  If anything, since I wasn’t too far along anyway, I might restart T-Dog in a larger Prosperity style neighborhood.  I just don’t know.  For now, I’m enjoying kicking off the new Prosperity called Crossroads Valley.  If I get time or an itch I need to scratch, I’ll get T-Dog going again and we’ll see what happens!

It’s good to be playing again.  I was poking around Strangetown a day or so ago and one of my sims ran into Bella Goth.  What a surprise that was!  Anyway, I’ve worked the kinks out after not playing for over six months and I’m raring to go.  I’ve got a bit more time lately but it’s being taken up with my writing and looking for a new job.  Posts might be a little smaller but that just means more finely tuned, right?  Speaking of tuned, stay tuned as I get Crossroads Valley off the ground which should be this weekend!