Hey there and thanks for stopping by!

My writing moniker for this site is Rustybuc which comes from a name I used while writing for a now defunct blog called Frontier’s Horizon.  It stands for Rusty Buchanan which is an alias that stems from time on Second Life which, for awhile, the aforementioned blog was about.  See!  It all makes sense!

I’m just now coming back to the Sims after a very long hiatus.  I’m a writer and have always enjoyed using computer games and multiplayer online settings to tell a story and I’ve been fascinated how the Sims seems to create these stories by themselves.  After picking up Sims 2 I’ve been floored with the amount of story content out there and the blogs that are following these user made stories.   So much so that I was inspired to create Roundabout Corners to journal some of the fun I was having myself in the game.

The number one rule for me in all of this is to have fun.  I’ll be recording what’s going on in my weird little village as well as commenting on things I find fascinating with the game.  Since the game has been out so long, I’m sure this will all be old hat with most of you.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the posts and I look forward to hearing from you!

The overall goal is to create a cohesive neighborhood with several different characters.  Currently, there is the Harrison Legacy and the “Surrounded by Idiots” challenge with T-Dog Rudd.   I’m also considering giving Brendon, Dale’s 2nd son, his own legacy in another neighborhood as well as a spin-off with Zen Slate.


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