Round One – Gurtok Family

The Gurtok family is a small family of two orcs, Yulla and her aging father, Yurot.

Yulla, on bad financial times and trying to care for her father, finally decided to jump at the opportunity offered by Crossroads Valley.  Yurot, a cranky orc veteran from more violent times, begrudgingly moved with his daughter.

The Yurot family has mixed genetics which shows in Yulla’s stunning beauty rarely seen in orcish culture.   Yulla is quite happy to move into the Valley and with her more relaxed views of both elven and human, sees it as her golden opportunity.  She’s also a bit on the randy side as she is a Romance sim and her lifetime want is to have 20 simultaneous lovers.  We’ll see how that goes, Yulla.

Yurot seems like a fairly solid yet cranky elder.  He wants nothing to do with what is going on in the Valley but has little choice since Yulla made the decision to move.  He too is a Romance sim but in what lifetime he has left, he would like to become a professional party guest.  We’ll have to see about that Yurot.  Yurot picked up his nickname “Nose-Smasher” from his habit of taking great pleasure in breaking his opponent’s noses.  He claims it as a family tradition which goes back as far as his great-grandfather.  No one seems to be able to back this up and most assume that Yurot just likes to punch people in the face.

Yulla found a simple house fairly close to the ocean. A bit crowded but she felt it would be alright as soon as they settled into it.

It wasn’t long before Yurot began talking about the Old Days and the wars.  He couldn’t believe Yulla would bring him this close to the Enemy.

Grumbling as he went inside, Yurot ignored the human newspaper delivery man.  Yulla, always willing to make a new friend, did not.  His name was Derek and his last name started with a V and was very complicated.

Yulla stayed outside and was happy to see a flock of butterflies.  Knowing that a batch of fried butterflies would cheer her father up, she set about catching them.  Unfortunately, she was horribly out of practice.

It was during the butterfly hunt that two elves from the neighborhood had decided to stop by and visit,  Tilaron Qin Halshani the Elder and his wife.

Yulla, nervous at first, could tell the older elf was disgruntled to see orcs moving into the neighborhood.  Regardless, Yulla, trained at college and more worldly in the way of the other races, pulled herself together and greeted the Tilaron’s warmly.  Bound by tradition and ceremony, Tilaron accepted her greeting and her invitation to see their house.  Yulla and Tilaraon’s wife hit it off quickly.  Unfortunately, almost immediately, the two older males did not!

Tilaron started in almost immediately upon seeing her father.  Though Yurot walked away from him twice, Tilaron pursued him, badgering him about questions concerning the war.  Things spiraled quickly and Yulla knew she had to get her father to calm down.

Before Yurot could dish out a smashed nose on their first day to the area, Yulla calmly asked the Qin Halshani’s to leave.  Tilaron’s wife simply glared at her husband, shocked by his lack of culture and control.  Tilaron regained his manners and departed quickly.  Yurot fumed for hours afterwards.

Distraught by the upheaval, Yulla made sure her father had dinner and then left to see the sights of the nearby downtown.  Things had not started well and she wanted to see what she could do to take her mind off of things.  Besides, she wanted to see what the local nightlife was like.

The bar was quiet but she did find someone to hand out with for the evening.  She found it in a human named Patrick who danced with her for a few songs and then became very stand-offish when Yulla suggested they head to the hot tubs.  To blow off the rest of the evening she tried the shiny gyroscope spin thing she couldn’t remember the name of.  How hard could it be, right?

It was apparently difficult.

The next day was very uneventful as Yulla recovered from her evening and searched for a job.   Her father had taken it upon himself to invite everyone who wandered by that WASN’T an elf into their house.  While they had dinner, Yulla checked in on a few leads and then went to bed.

That evening, Crossroads Valley saw it’s first altercation.  Someone had been knocking over the Gurtok trash cans every evening.  Yurot, an old veteran of campaigns, stayed up till late and finally caught the culprit; Tilaron Qin Halshani!

Yurot rushed out of the house at that point and confronted the elf.  Without his daughter or Tilaron’s wife to calm then down, the two escalated quickly.

In moments, it was an all out fight!  The question at that point?  Who would win???

Though he could have finished him there, Gurot held back as he thought of his daughter.  Growling proudly and happy with the smashed nose on Tilaron,  Yurot allowed the elf to limp off into the night but did no more damage.  But what would the next actions be?  How bad would it get between the two families?

And with that, the first round for the Gurtok’s was finished.





2 responses to “Round One – Gurtok Family

  1. What a great start! It appears the neighborhood is on the alert already to a brewing war!

  2. Good Lord it’s gonna be anarchy! I like the idea though and will enjoy reading more.

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