Crossroads Valley – Setup

When rolling the families for the challenge, I kept it entirely random with a hand d6.  I was surprised to get 6 families on my roll.  6 Families!  Yikes.  It was definitely going to be interesting!

Using the following chart I determined what race they were to be.  I kept humans pretty rare because, really, what fun is playing a majority of humans and only a few weirdo fantasy people?

1 – Human
2 – High Elf
3 – Orc
4 – Red Elf
5 – High Elf
6 – Orc

For the six families I came up with 2 high elf families, 2 orc families, 1 red elf family and a group of humans.  All other random things were determined by the random creation rules for Prosperity challenges which can be found HERE (among many other places about the internet.)  As you’ll see, I rolled quite a few elders.  I’m not sure how it will play out but that’s all part of the fun, right?

I currently only have Pets and Seasons installed for my game and so used one of the blank neighborhoods available.  For houses, I opted for the last four cheapest ones in the game and decided the fifth least expensive house from the end would be given out on a 5 or a 6.  (It could technically break a family funds-wise but I wanted to add it to the random mix. )  With things decided I started rolling for houses and getting families built per the rules random charts.  It took a bit longer than expected!  I decided on no pets at first for any of the families.  I figured I’d have enough on my plate without worrying about pets at first.

(FYI – had I wanted pets I would have simply turned to the dice and set up something quick like – On a 5 or a 6 a family will have a pet.   If a pet is rolled then 1-2 = Cat, 3-4 = Dog, 5 – 6 = Other.  Another roll could be made to see how many pets, etc.)

Finally, I was all done and Crossroads Valley looked like this at start-up.

I decided to start with the Gurtok family and from there the order will be as follows; Gurtok, Zylanius, Qin Halshani, Bloodtusk, Penderson and then the Tulroz family.

And so, with notepad, pen, dice and a cool beverage at hand,  I loaded the Gurtok family and kicked everything off!


One response to “Crossroads Valley – Setup

  1. Looks like a very interesting start. Good luck!

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