Life with Danger

Things got hectic fast around the ol’ homestead.  Rachael had to go on back to work and that left me, Mr. Nanny T-Dog to take care of things.  Danger grew up fast and he and I celebrated his birthday quietly while his Mom was away at work.

Rachael was on the go a lot but she kept making good decisions which simply helped us out more and more.

It seemed like I was constantly on the go even though I didn’t have a job yet.  Danger proved to be a bit of a rascal in learning things.  As stubborn as his old man which at first I found charming.  Don’t worry, it got old real fast.

Don’ get me wrong but I think the boy’s got a block of stone for a head.

What he did like to do was play with his little kid music machine thing.  Hours and hours, he just sits on that thing and taps away.  He loves it.  Maybe he’ll grow up to be one of them celebrities of rock and roll!  That’d be good cause then Ol’ Rachael and I could just retire in a big ol’ house Danger buys for us.  Danger Rudd, Rock God!  Yeah!

During some down time I happened to stumble onto an opening at a local company selling hardware and lumber.  On a lark, I applied and what do you know if I didn’t get accepted!  So, with me going back to work, it was time to hire up a nanny for Danger.  She seemed alright and the two of them took a liking to each other.

I also started worrying a bit about Mrs. T-Dog.  Her eating habits are durn near shocking sometimes.  I figured it was just the pregnancy but, wow, she just wouldn’t stop eating the weirdest combinations or the oldest, fer that matter.  It finally got up to her real good and she was sick for several days.  It didn’t stop her though.

We didn’t have much time to ourselves while we were trying to raise Danger.  It was getting to her and I think after the food poisoning something inside her went over the deep end.  I came home one night to find her in the kitchen making noises with her mouth and little Danger playing in the overflow from the toilet.

Needless to say, that was a shocker.  I just figure we need to go out and get a night on the town here soon.  Maybe.  Sometime.  Eventually.

Then, things started to REALLY go downhill.  I came home one day and Danger had pulled one of his usual boneheaded moves and decided he wanted to go outdoors.  Clever little lizard.

Luckily, he just wanted to enjoy the view and munch on his fingers.  That’s how I found him.

Then, I found out that the nanny had been giving Rachael a hard time about some of her habits and how she took care of Danger.  She had started bossing her around, telling her what to do and getting in Mrs. Rudd’s face.

I’m sure Rachael would have punched the old lady out but, like I said, she hadn’t been feeling one hundred percent so, instead, she cried alot.  I found out about it and fired the old chicken that day.

I’ve pretty much been doing everything since then.  Taking care of Danger, feeding everyone and trying to keep my new job.  Rachael really aint up to much.  She goes to work, eats, dances with the mop and then wants to hit me up for a little who-hoo.

If I aint completely exhausted, I usually go along for the later request.  And even if I’m just a little exhausted, that’s why God made coffee.  Right?

Time moved quick on all of us and before we knew it, Danger was growing up.  Both Rachael and I decided to take a day off to celebrate.  I invited Lucy the maid and Quentin from my old job.  The two of them sort of hit it off after I introduced them.  Not sure what might happen there.  Wish ’em both the best.

Not much of a gathering but they showed and I ordered pizza.  Poor Rachael was so tired she nearly fell asleep in the bathroom.  I encouraged her to take a quick nap.  Her definition of a quick nap, unfortunately, was to sleep for ten hours.

Danger and I made the most of it.

And that was that!  Danger Rudd bringer of Chaos.


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