Life around the Harrison house has been a bit hectic with the addition of Gwen, the first girl in the Harrison line!  We’re going to try something different this time and tell the story mainly through images.

The new arrival of Gwen kept everyone busy, Kaylynn more than anyone.

Calder invited the headmaster over to see if Jake could get into his private school.  It helped that Calder’s work at the hospital was well known.  What really threw everyone was how the Headmaster opened up during a story over dinner.  It seemed Roundabout Corners was getting weirder every day.

A few days later, Kaylynn had an accident in the kitchen.  A tragedy in the making…Things turned out alright and all the family lost was the stove.   If Calder had not run downstairs in time and called the fire department it would have been much worse.  Kaylynn was rattled about it for awhile.  Everyone else, however,  just showered up and went about their business.

During a particularly cold winter evening, Dagmar’s ghost began floating around the estate.  She wasted little time getting to business…

She continued to be seen for several evenings after that before vanishing back into the graveyard.  Jake told his parents about the event but failed to mention the puddle he’d made on his bedroom floor which he quietly cleaned up in the middle of the night.

Calder was fascinated by the whole thing but he did not have the time to investigate further.  He’d gotten word that the Chief of Staff for the hospital might be retiring.  He’d decided to make a run for the prized position.

Which meant ALOT of time devoted to study.

Amidst all this, Gwen had a birthday with a few of Kaylynn’s friends and Jake on hand.

Growing up she seemed to be a bit demanding, constantly asking for attention.  Seeing Daddy read so much lately, she also demanded to be read to by him, following him around the house until he did so.

And, it took its toll on Calder…

Gwen was turning into a real handful in so many ways.

On top of seeming to have quite the attitude, she’d somehow acquired some very interesting habits.  One of which she would sit and do in her crib for hours on end.

Jake, on the other hand, was excelling at the new private school.  He’d made a new friend, Marissa Bear and the two seemed to be hitting it off quite well.

They actually became fast friends and Marisa seemed to be coming over all the time.

However, late one night,  a very interesting thing happened to Jake.  One minute he was playing with Gwen and the next, well, everything was different!

Jake chose the Family Aspiration and he rushed over to his parents room to show them what had happened.  Someone else, however, was waiting for him!

This time he took the scare in stride, barely phased!    “Silly grandma.  Everyone knows you were crazy…” he seemed to mutter to himself before running downstairs to find his Dad who was busy studying.


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