What’s in A Name?

So, I was wandering around the internet and poking at other Sim sites when I came across Oh My God It’s Full of Sims over on Livejournal.  It was at this point I got tagged…

“”I’m going to explain the meaning of the name for this journal and why I chose it. The game is tag! You’re it! Since you’re reading this, now go post in your journal what your journal name means and your reason for choosing it. And don’t forget to keep the tag game going!””

So, I figured that I’d play along and, well, a tag is a tag.

To be honest, I struggled for a long time on the name for the blog.  I wanted something whimsical and witty, something catchy.  I’m not sure why but I also love roundabouts.  (Maybe it all goes back to the fateful trip to Scotland oh so many moons ago?)  I live near the first one installed in my town and see it every day.   Being a writer, I also love the word.  It’s catchy.  So, I wanted something in the title with roundabout in it.  I think it took close to two weeks of letting names  come to me and then be scratched off an ever growing list.  By the end of two weeks I wanted to get the blog started and frustration was setting in.

Some other names that “almost were” include “Blue Sky Roundabout”, “Rounding Roundabout”, “Redfish Roundabout”, and “Black Woods Roundabout.”  The last one came about because of the werewolf influence that made its presence known early in the gameplay.

In a random chat with a dear friend by the name of Chairspinner, I expressed my problem and she said, “What about Roundabout Corners?”  It was sudden inspiration and it was perfect.  And that, as they say, was that.

So, there you go. Now you know and, more importantly, you are also tagged!  Let me know if you carry on the tradition.


More posts coming by the end of the week.  Still recovering and unpacking from the vacation.


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