The Face of Danger

It was a bit slow coming to the plate but in the end it was WAY more important of a curveball then me losing my job!

Rebecca thought that maybe she’d eaten some bad food at work or maybe picked up a flu bug.  She was acting a little weird about it but I figured it would pass in no time.  Just a flu bug, right?  Regardless, she kept running to the bathroom over…

And over…

And over!

Annnnnd, there’s the curveball.

Don’t get my flippancy all wrong.  I got damn excited when Rebecca told me we had a little Dog in the oven.  I got downright giddy!

Rebecca, on the other hand, almost immediately  started getting a bit weird about cleanliness.  I mean she was always hopping into the shower before hand but now, well, now she was taking things up a step.

And as the days progressed, she started acting even weirder.  I took her for some new clothes and she wandered off to the bathroom.  A few minutes later another customer came out saying there was a woman washing herself up in the sink… naked.  At home, she was scrubbing everything constantly  Even with the maid coming every day she was cleaning stuff that was already clean.

Including herself…

Like I said, she’s never been a shy girl.

And, she was starting to act a bit more loony.  Loonier than usual.   I guess you could call it scatter-brained in some ways and, well, loony in others.  For instance, though she’s all focused on being clean she tends to not pay attention to anything else.

I was working hard keeping her fed but, really, I’ve noticed that when the hunger hits her she doesn’t even wait long enough for me to make something.  For instance, when she saw the sandwich sitting on the outdoor table, in the sun, with bugs around it.

Made me sick to even watch it but it didn’t even phase her.  For someone that’s all freaked out about being clean she sure can eat like a goat.

And another instance, I woke up one time in the middle of the night due to a thunderstorm.  I found her outside, in her underroos and making about eight hot dogs.  “All for me,” she said with a smile.

But, we made it through and one morning, ‘Becca doubled over and started yelling cuss words at me.  I figured it was time.

Sure enough, we had a beautiful and bright little boy!  How proud is the T-Dog now!  One of the best nights of my life.  Rebecca was tickled pink and almost wouldn’t let me hold him.  She just stood there looking at him, then at me, then at him, then at me.  Like she wasn’t sure she could trust me with him.  How funny is that!

And what did we name him?  You’re gonna love it.   We decided on Danger.  Danger Rudd.  Best durn name  ever.  Even with a name like that we figure he’ll need a nickname somewhere down the road.   Then again, maybe not.


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