Taking a Curveball

Well, I knew I had to lose my luck somehow.  Things were going way too smoothly.  Got hitched to a sharp looking lady who knows how to bowl, got a nice office at the Copper Eagle motorcycle company and was all settled into a routine.  Something had to go wrong at some point, right?

Rebecca’s been fantastic.  She don’t really do much besides go to her job at the newspaper, lay around on the sofa and try to get me in the sack after dinner.   I don’t really have a complaint with any three of those.

Especially when she lays around the sofa looking like this which, by the way, she seems to do all the time.

I don’t think she’s got a shy bone in her body.  One day  I asked one of the office guys to come hang out after work.  He agreed and made himself at home.  Rebecca had left a note saying she was tired and sleeping so we were quiet.  We ordered a pizza and put on a ballgame.

Then, an hour or so later, Rebecca got up and without a blush strolled into the room wearing your usual “about the house” outfit and planted a kiss on me.

Then, she plopped down next to Quinton as he was finishing his pizza.

Yeah, that was awkward.

So, yeah, Rebecca aint anywhere near a problem in my life.   The problem in my life came when I said the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person.  The result of all that ended up costing me my job!

I’m telling ya, I was madder than a hornet and in one foul and nasty mood.  We’d just got up over a few thousand dollars in the bank and now I lost my job.  The Man just wants to keep T-Dog down!  They’re always messing with T-Dog and I’m telling ya, one day, T-Dog is gonna show ’em all.   Gonna be a good day when that happens!

I was so mad that when ol’ Rebecca came up to give me a hug  when I got home, I shoo’d her away!  It took me a couple of hours to simmer down.  Luckily, I got an email from Quinton who told me he’d get me the Sales Director’s address and the pier number where his boat is tied up.  That cheered me up a bit.

‘Becca kept trying to cheer me up since that same day, she’d gotten promoted and the money would be fine.  When that didn’t cheer me up as much as she thought she moved on to plan B.  Plan B involved, as you can expect, the bedroom.  Whoo, that was a very long and complicated Plan B!

Next morning I felt much better and was actually looking forward to taking some time around the house.  I could do a whole passle of stuff at home and maybe even bring in some $ as well.   ‘Becca was fine with it and, once again, before you can say, “Strike out,” Ol’ T-Dog is knocking out a ground rule double.

Well, ok, after a day or two of that I realized I was really bored.  I had the idea I might try to work from home or something similar.  ‘Becca had another good windfall at work and we were in good shape for awhile.  Things were getting good enough to even call up the maid service.  I don’t know what it is about this place and my luck with women but this is who they sent…

She and I get along alright and she does a great job around the place.

Now, don’t be getting any of those thoughts.  I’m in love with my crazy ‘Becca and don’t intend on straying.  Besides, I can’t help it if I got the “magic mojo of the T-Dog.”   I mean I worked some magic before in my day with the women but whatever happened when I came to Roundabout has surprised even me!

So, with the extra time during the day I spent some time re-arranging the trailer, looking online for some ideas for a home business and perfecting the awesome that is the T-Dog.

And about that time is when the next curveball came our way…


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