Catching Up with the Harrisons

Life in the Harrison’s has been somewhat, well, ordinary.  Calder continued his medical career and Kaylynn continued to take care of Jake.   Both Calder and Kaylynn appeared to be more in love than ever regardless of the fact they never really seemed to see much of each other.

In no time it was Jake’s big birthday.

Jake definitely looked to have taken his Dad’s eyes and his Mom’s hair.

Unfortunately for Jake, he got a bit excited during his party and had a small accident.  This caused him to go into an emotional fit and then hide in the bathroom for the remainder of the day.  Not a good sign for emotional stability.

Another guest made themselves known to Calder.  He heard the silent call and went outside to speak with his friend.  The Leader of The Pack had been with him most of his life now.  The dreams were no longer dreams and Calder knew, more and more, he was led to something larger and more impressive then he had ever seen before in his life.   He also began to wonder if the call was not for him but for perhaps Jake or other, future members of his line.

Life continued.  Even though they rarely saw each other with Calder’s schedule, they still made the best use of the small amounts of time given.  The result?  Another Harrison was shortly on the way and although shocked at first, Kaylynn grew more and more excited by the growing family.

Jake also appeared to have a serious trouble with his schooling.  Calder remembered how his own father had talked to him and worked with him.  However, Jake seemed more stubborn then Calder had ever been.  Calder worried about pushing him too hard but still kept on him.

Kaylynn began a very odd diet of strange deserts and lobster.

She also took large amounts of time to play with Jake as much as possible.  He loved the attention and it seemed to help him with his schoolwork as well.

And as winter approached, Jake made a new friend in the neighborhood.

Then, the fateful day.  While Calder read the newspaper and Jake played outside, Kaylynn went through labor by herself.  Calder, the doctor, came running up the stairs once he heard her cries but was too late to be much help.

Soon, the Harrisons had a new addition to the family and it was a first, a girl!  The parents was incredibly excited to finally be able to finally add a little girl to the clan and Kaylynn was beside herself after living in a household of mainly men for far too long.

When they called Jake, he ran upstairs and, once again, showed his over the top emotions about the matter.

More aware than ever they both have their work cut out for them, Calder and Kaylynn retired for the evening.  But perhaps not as aware as one would hope.  Within an hour the two of them were at the whoo-hoo again, flinging sheets and throwing sparks.

Would a third Harrison be on the way?  Calder did sort of hope so but one thing he did know and that was, regardless, they were going to need a larger house.  He decided then and there it was time to hit work hard, get the final promotions he needed so as to secure wealth for his family.

But could Kaylynn do it alone?  And would he get it done before he was too old to continue?

And, perhaps more importantly, what did the Leader of the Pack think about it?


4 responses to “Catching Up with the Harrisons

  1. Jake is adorable! And congrats on the new baby! I’m sure Kaylnn is happy to finally have a little bit more estrogen in their house 😉

    Gosh, I hope that Kaylnn and Calder can keep their relationship together! It would be a residuals if they couldn’t. And this leader of the pack stuff is getting pretty interesting, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Tessa! I think Kaylynn and Calder are good to go till the end. I thought Calder’s parents were crazy for each other but Calder and Kaylynn are ridiculous.

    I have NO idea what’s going to happen with the Leader of the Pack either. I love it because the sightings are so unpredictable. Calder has had the want of being a werewolf since being a child so…. we’ll have to just wait and see. 😀

  3. Leader of the pack sightings! Is the leader of the pack going to nibble? 🙂 I love werewolves!

  4. I’ve been trying to get a nibble out of him since Calder rolled his first werewolf want. We’ll see how it goes down the road. The only one that knows it the Leader of the Pack and other mysterious forces… muwhahahahaha!

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