Silly Grandpa

My name’s Jake and my parents are awesome.  I love them very much.  Dad isn’t really home much.  He’s always rushing out the door in that long white jacket of his.  It’s ok.  Mom is really nice and she takes real good care of me.

Just the other day she taught me how to walk.  Now I can move around the house even more and play the knock stuff over game!   She reads to me and watches me.  She gets me bottles when I ask for them.  My Mom is great.  Sometimes she acts a little weird, rushes about and says weird words into the sky.  I dunno what that’s about.  I just think my Mom is great.

When Dad is around he’s pretty nice to me.  We learn all sorts of stuff too.

For instance, I called him “Dah” the other day after I sat in the stinky red chair.  He thought it was neat.

Granpa, or somebody I think is Grandpa, floats around the house alot.

He and Grandma both seem to do it at night.  I see ’em stand by Mom and Dad’s bed sometimes.  It’s funny cause they stand there like they want to talk and then Mommy and Daddy wake up and look all tired.  Then, Grandpa goes away again.  I don’t think Mommy and Daddy can see Grandma and Grandpa unless Grandpa wants them to.  Mom and Dad are always walking around not looking at them and stuff.

Except when Grandpa jumps out at them.  Its funny!  One time Grandpa scared Mommy like that.  She made a wet spot on the floor!  I thought she should use the stinky red chair!

What’s funnier is that Daddy likes it.  He always smiles and laughs when Grandpa pops out of the wall.   Sometimes Daddy, when he’s not running out the door in his long white coat, walks around looking for Grandpa.  Grandpa always gets him though and Daddy just laughs and laughs.

Grandpa is silly.  I like him.

You know what else is silly?  My rabbit!  He is so silly I chew on his ears!  That’s pretty silly!

((Again, another delay!  As nicer weather rolls around I may not be updating as much.  Never fear, though, I’ve no plans to stop telling the stories from Roundabout!))


3 responses to “Silly Grandpa

  1. Hi, I’m Tessa! I’ve been reading from the beginning, and I’ve finally gotten caught up! I really like this story, and Jake is soooo adorable 😛 I hope you get another update out soon, but I’m enjoying what you have so far 😀 Feel free to check out my website too, if you’d like. I’m really enjoying Roundabout!

    • Thanks, Tessa! I love getting comments! I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical. With the awesome Spring we are having and my love of being indoors, I’ve not had much time to get any game time in.

      I checked out your website and will be adding it to the blogroll if ya don’t mind! 😉

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