A Lucky Strike

It was a normal day around the place.  I had the day off from my mailroom job and was working on some plumbing issues.  I figured there’d be some problems given how little I paid for the place.  Luckily, Ol’ T-Dog is a Grade-A handy-man of the finest caliber.  Starting with the leaky shower, I worked my way down to some other issues underneath the trailer.
Once that was done I was walking the perimeter when fortune finally decided to shine on me.  Her name is Rebecca.  Rebecca Sanders.  She’s the sister of the cowboy who came by on my first day here, Mugsy.  She was out for a walk, saw me digging around underneath the trailer skirting and was curious as to what I was doing.  She said her father was into construction and even though she knew she didn’t look it, she was a bit of a tomboy.
I told her she was an angel and invited her to lunch.  Imagine my surprise when she agreed!
Well, that lunch led to a single date.  The single date led to several more.  Rebecca’s funny cause she may appear all city-like and frilly but it aint really the case.  She just likes to look nice, least that’s what she tells me.  Down deep, though, she’s as tough as nails.  She also knows how to let her hair down and have a good time.  The two of us just can’t seem to get enough of each other.
I knew I had hit solid gold when I took her to the bowling alley just to see her response.  She just grinned that tomboy smile and said she loved bowling.  She then ordered a couple of hotdogs and we hit the lanes.
After one evening at the alley she decided to show me something she called a “long standing Roundabout Corner’s tradition.”  It involved the photo booth.
I just thought we were getting our pictures taken!  Imagine my surprise when she showed me what the “tradition” was all about!  It’s ok though cause T-Dog knows how to handle just about any situation…
She even got me out dancing.  That aint happened since my high school prom and I was sniffing glue at the time.
After awhile of this, I dunno how long cause it was all a blur, maybe a few days, maybe weeks, I finally couldn’t take it anymore.  She was making me crazy.  I’d done a lot of thinking, wrote a lot in my journal and you know, got it figured out.  When I was ready I invited her over for a real fine dinner I’d ordered up on the phone.
It was time for me to give her a surprise instead.
She was delighted and a few weeks later we both just couldn’t take it anymore.  I  married her in the bowling alley where it had all started.  She was pretty sure her brother was gonna be upset about not being there but she didn’t care.
Like I said, I’m not sure what I did right to earn such a fine and beautiful gal.  Whatever it is, I don’t care.  I’m just darn thankful!
And, yeah, could it get any better?  Yes, it can.  She makes some damn fine hot dogs too!

One response to “A Lucky Strike

  1. Hahahah! Love it! This guy sounds just like Mr. ASimWen….. 🙂 (I need T-Dog in MY game….) 🙂

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