Spirits in the Night

Jake Harrison was proving to be a bit of a handful for Kaylynn.

Calder, in the meantime, had been doing very well.  The down side being he had not been at home very much.   Even though he talked to her about it frequently, Kaylynn refused to call in a nanny service.  She wanted to be the one to care for Jake. So, Calder continued to work long hours and push his way up the medical ladder.

In an odd bit of deju-vu, Calder stopped and had an extended conversation with the mailwoman.  Unlike his father a generation earlier, it appeared to be an innocent gesture of friendship.  Only time will tell on that one.

One evening, in early fall, the house felt a little different than usual.  No one commented on it but everyone noticed it.  Calder was at work and Brendon was playing video games downstairs when Dagmar’s ghost floated through the living room wall.  (Woot!  My first ghost!)

Interesting enough, no one saw her.  She seemed very focused on what she was doing as she drifted past Kaylynn and a friend talking by the stairs. Not seeing her but perhaps sensing her presence, Kaylynn began talking about a tarot card reading she had done for a theater friend.

Heading upstairs, Dagmar moved towards one specific goal.

Her grandson.

Dagmar hovered by Jake’s crib for quite some time and then just as quietly floated downstairs.  She continued to move about the property for the rest of the night.  Just before dawn, she faded away.  The next morning, Kaylynn felt the need to clean up the small cemetery which had become overgrown with weeds.

Time passed and life continued.  Brendon continued going out with Crystal and the two of them were getting pretty serious.  Jake grew quickly and became a charming baby boy after a quiet birthday afternoon with his parents.

Jake loves the xylophone and once he starts banging away he simply won’t stop.  Calder likes to say that Jake will become a rock-god of the xylophone.

Then, after a month where Brendon was gone more than he was home, he announced to Calder and Kaylynn he was leaving to find his own house.  Eventually, Crystal would be joining him.  His things had been packed in advance and after a few tense hugs, he departed from the Harrison house and out into the night.  An awaiting taxi sped him away.

After watching his brother leave, Calder stayed up with Jake.

It felt natural that Brendon would finally be leaving the Harrison house but then, at the same time, it felt odd.  He and his brother had never reconciled after the argument by the pond.  Between the tension and his brother’s growing fondness for Crystal, his leaving had been inevitable.   What had he expected?  That Brendon would stay in the family house with him, grow old with his family?  Of course not.  It was silly to think that.  Calder still felt sad.  His brother had grown up and was heading out into the world.  He wondered what his father would be thinking right now?


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