Generation Three

Brendon had been spending more and more time out of the house.  If he was not working at his new job at the newspaper, he was running the downtown with Crystal.  The two of them had become quite inseparable.   On top of that, both of them appeared to be an odd mix of daredevil and trouble-maker.

One evening while dining out at their favorite bar, Brendon gave Crystal a smirk and suggested they try something new.

Crystal laughed and didn’t seem to mind the idea at all.  A few moments later the two of them were headed over to the phone booth in the corner of the bar.  Needless to say, you can guess what happened next.

Crystal has this odd habit of calling everyone crazy.  She does it to just about anyone that walks by her and seems to get a real kick out of it.  Obviously, she thinks she is the only sane one.  So, it was with a bit of hilarity she did the following after leaving the photobooth her and Brendon had just whoo-hoo’d in.

Flush with success and feeling pretty good, the two of them went around the bar making fun of the other patrons.  With Crystal’s crazy finger and Brendon’s point-laugh combo they stood on the dance floor for a long time entertaining themselves.

This had become just a regular night for them.

Back at the Harrison household, Calder was studying up for his next step up the Medical ladder while pregnant Kaylynn proceeded to eat everything and anything she could get her hands on.

Then, one evening, Calder was startled by hearing Kaylynn yelling from the bedroom.  The new baby was on the way!  Calder stood and cheered her on as Kaylynn went through labor as only a Sim can…

With that, the third generation of Harrison’s, Jake Harrison, was born.   The excited couple held their son and took turns holding him.  The first thing they noticed was how much Jake had Kaylynn’s bright green eyes.

Even though the split between the two brothers was getting worse and worse, Brendon seemed to take a particular interest in his new nephew.

Which was good because with Calder away more and more at work, Kaylynn was having a bit of a time learning the ins and outs of proper motherhood.

((And with the birth of Generation Three of the Harrisons, I’ll be moving to a slightly different style of posting here on Roundabout.  Here’s what will happen – As the story widens and more characters are introduced to Roundabout Corners, I desperately need to play certain ones more regularly.  I knew this would eventually happen so my plan is to move towards playing in rounds as other Legacy players do.  Basically, play a few days in one family and then move to the other.  The exception will be T-Dog as I get him up to speed.  This also means the posts may get to be a bit more streamlined.  Of course, I always say this and then it never happens.  Something to do with my verbose ways, I imagine.  This, I think, is a good thing, right?))

((Been a bit behind on things due to my grandmother passing on.  As I posted on the Twitter, “Death is much easier in Sims. A suitcase,hula girls. 1 thing stays the same, lots of crying.”))


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