Introduction: T-Dog Rudd and the Idiots

My name’s T-Dog.  Well, at least that’s the name I’m gonna go by here.  I don’t feel comfortable talking about my past.   Mind you, it’s not like I done anything real bad or murdered anybody.  I just wanted a place to start over and this Roundabout Corners place seemed to be the perfect fit, you know?

This may surprise ya hearing this from a man like myself but awhile back I started scribbling in a journal.  I figured it was the best way to keep things straight when it geta a little foggy down the road.   It’s also a good thing to have when you gotta prove to the police you were where you said you were!  I figured this move to Roundabout was a good way to start a brand new chapter.  So, right after I got moved in,  I sat right down and got it kicked off.   Dear Diary, this is my story…

I had some cash I’d saved up just to move.  I found a good deal on a chunk of land on the edge of town and plopped down a used little trailer thing I found on the internet.  Guy came and done installed it and got it all settled a’fore I got here.  He even threw in the TV and a few tables for free.  It’s tiny but it’s home.  I went down to the V-Mart and picked up a phone and some food.   With that all said, I got a whoppin’ $100 to my name.  Should be enough to get started so I think I done pretty good.

I gotta say one thing about Roundabout.  Folks sure are friendly!  As least so far. I was outside checking on my phone line and this cute little blonde wandered past and just decided to start talking to me.  Now typically, that just doesn’t happen to me very much.  She said her name was Jan and wanted to introduce herself.  She was kinda cute and, I gotta say, she looked good in the cargo pants she was wearing.

Since it was almost midday I invited her to sit down and have some lunch with me.  I cook up a mean ol’ hot dog.  You maybe think I’m joking but I’m not.   You know you could even say that’s where I get my name.  T is for tasty!

Well, we were enjoying those hot dogs and I was telling Jan about a particularly nasty snow storm I survived in the mountains back in my youth when out of the blue a group of folks show up to the trailer.  Just walked around the corner and started introducing themselves.

And, except for the fellah, they were all good looking too!  And they all wanted to talk to me at once!  I threw a few more dogs on the grill and before I knew it we had a party going on something fierce.

One of them, a cute thing by the name Kari Slate, seemed to hit it off with me even better than Jan.  Her outfit was a lot more classier than Jan’s too.  Made me wonder why she was so interested in a ruffian like me.   She was laughing at all my jokes though.  She even laughed at my joke about the senator and the gorilla.   Not many laugh at that one.  I figured she was either really lonely or had a thing for witty, rough lookin’ men like myself.

And it wasn’t just her.  Between Jan, Kari, and this other one named Brandi they just couldn’t get enough of me.  They followed me around my place and even into my bedroom.  And let me tell you, they could talk.  Here it was only my first day in town and I was surrounded by a whole herd of beautiful fillies.  It got my blood to pumpin’, let me tell you!

Best I figure, Roundabout Corners don’t have many real men around.  Mugsy, who came with Kari, looked like the cowboy sort.  I just figured he was an exception and we got along  fine till he tried to hug me.   That was a bit too weird for me so I kindly asked him to back up a few steps.  I understood why he was running with so many lovely ladies that liked getting cozy with other men.

Anyway, the afternoon turned to evening and I made up some more hot dogs and busted out a few brews.  The others seemed to calm down a bit but Kari, well, she was into me.  I could tell.  She kept telling me about her life here and the problems she had with her daughter.

Said her daughter had almost married some idiot of a doctor or medic or something.  Said her daughter had found out that he’d also been sleeping with the family maid and the girl left him at the wedding altar.  I couldn’t help it but the whole story got me to laughing.

I told Kari that doctor sounded like one mean idiot for breaking up a good thing like that.  She liked hearing it and told me I needed to meet her daughter sometime.  I won more points when I took that opportunity to inform her that I was more interested in getting to know her.  She didn’t run or nothing either.  She actually smiled and kinda giggled.  I’m thinking this town is my kinda place.

Well, the party broke up a little after that.  Jan must not have showered before coming over cause she started getting a little ripe.  She excused herself and Brandi did the same.  Mugsy left when I told him I wasn’t making any more hot dogs.  Kari?  Kari stayed a bit longer and we actually got a little close on the couch while we watched some television.

I didn’t push things too much and remained a gentlemen.  The boys back home would’ve given me hell for it but I came to Roundabout to change my ways.  She eventually excused herself to head back home but she certainly mentioned that she’d like to see me later.  I told her that sounded good to me.

I wrapped up my evening with the windows open, relaxing and reading a fine book on the interrelationships and effects of global marketing.

((Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my new little sidenote also taking place in Roundabout Corners, the Surrounded by Idiots Challenge or otherwise known as the ISBI Challenge!  You can find the rules for the challenge HERE.   I’ve wanted to do this challenge for several months and T-Dog has been waiting in the wings for his first appearance.))

((The main idea?  You get to control one and only one sim during gameplay.  That sim is your torchbearer and all other sims run around doing their normal idiotic things out of your control.  Once one of the torchbearer’s kids gets to adulthood, you pass the torch to them.  The goal?  Don’t get your torchbearer dead.))

((Don’t worry, the Harrisons will be back in no time.  I’m just enjoying a little break and the chance to spread my stylistic wings a bit.  This particular challenge as well as T-Dog and the Rudd family I believe will be just the ticket.  And yes, as evidenced by the little comment above by Zen Slate’s mother, this is occurring slightly behind the current events in the Harrisons.  My goal is to get them caught up and running somewhat simultaneously. ))


4 responses to “Introduction: T-Dog Rudd and the Idiots

  1. OMG I love this challenge. ISBI is one that I actually played AND LOST…hehe My torchbearer got eaten up by flies when she tried to go around and clean up messes that her cleanbot left behind when it went haywire wacky. I read all ISBI blogs I find…keep it up!!!!

  2. T-dog really looks like a bad boy, I keep wondering what he has done in his past!

    I can understand that a legacy gets boring sometimes, always the same people you see, and most of the time the same story-line, it’s nice to throw in something different!

  3. Great start. You’ve got a really entertaining style. I haven’t tried the classic ISBI myself, though I’ve tried the Asylum challenge several times.

  4. I like this story a lot! The characterization is great. I don’t subscribe to many Sims 2 stories anymore, but I’ll have to make an exception for this one!

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