A Spring Wedding

As Spring began things around the Harrison household fell into an easy rhythm.  Dale continued to work on his paintings as well as taking a bit more time at the local card house where he had originally taken Dagmar.  He dusted off his poker game and could be found there for several hours every day.

Calder was truly happy for the first time since his youth.  As the weeks progressed he couldn’t believe he’d ever had any confusion between Zen and Kaylynn.  Kaylynn was a joy to be around and the two of them expressed their happiness daily.

Brendon was a different matter.  Although happy with his journalism gig he began hanging out more at the downtown scene.  He even took a turn DJ’ing at a local club, decided he liked it and continued on with it as a part time job.

However, since his mother’s death Brendon had turned somber.  He made a bad call at the newspaper and ran a story he shouldn’t have which got him demoted.  This seemed to turn him further.  He was snickering more at people, more prone to bursts of displeasure and carrying with him a general disdain of the world.  He glared at Calder and Kaylynn and their displays of affection in the house.  All in all, he just seemed more angry than usual.

Dale was also painting more and more every day.  His work was starting to get serious recognition both for its quality and its volume.  A gallery downtown had asked to display his work.  Dale told the family he was working on a piece that he felt was his crowning piece.  He joked about the “criminal turned artist.”

As the weeks turned, Calder finally had a serious talk with Kaylynn and the decision was made.  They would follow through with it and get married.  Both agreed they wanted it to be a quiet ceremony, just family.  A flowered arch was ordered and the four of them gathered in the living room.  Dale could not have been prouder of his oldest son.

The ceremony was beautiful and simple.  Neither one ran from the alter.

As the two celebrated and Brendon showed a rare display of joy, Dale took a moment to reflect on everything up to this point.  He wished Dagmar could was there to share in it.   She would have been so happy to see the two of them together.  Maybe she had a hand in it from the other side?  Maybe she was here watching?  Dale missed her so much and even more so at this moment.

The evening progressed and Dale swept away his feelings.  It was a joyous evening and he poured champagne for everyone.

Just as the lucky couple were about to retire for the evening, Calder’s cell phone went off.  A massive accident had occured on the freeway downtown and he was needed at the hospital immediately.  He explained to Kaylynn and she urged him to go.  There would be other evenings and he was needed.

She waited up with him late into the evening.  Dale kept her company and she watched him paint until, exhausted, he went to bed.  When Calder finally returned early in the morning he had even more good news to share.  No one had been lost in the accident.  Things had been so hectic he had been forced to treat several patients in the emergency room.  His supervisor had been so pleased with his skill and Calder giving up his wedding night in order to save lives Calder had gained a promotion.

The two celebrated in the living room and then taking the bags Kaylynn had packed for them drove off to a hotel downtown.  They were not seen again for several days.


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