Unfortunate News

Unfortunately, my computer has either A.) been infected by the misuse of my oldest teen going to less than stellar gaming sites or B.) Is suffering from a nasty hardware failure of either a hard drive or motherboard variety.

Regardless, the results have not been fully understood yet.  I spent my only time last night (approx 3 hours) trying to ferret out the problem with nothing working.  The result is that things here at Roundabout Corners may grind to a halt for awhile as this is the only computer in the house.  I’ll keep things updated as I can and hopefully we’ll be back and running in no time.

Keep your fingers crossed!


3 responses to “Unfortunate News

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that! I’ve lost two hoods because crappy laptops and my inability to back up my hood on a regular basis so I feel your pain! Hopefully you can get it all figured out!

  2. Well, the main computer went down last night. Luckily, I had time to get the hood backed up on an external before then. Now, it’s just waiting to get a new system…


  3. So sorry to hear about that. I try to do regular backups of everything important to external drives, it makes me feel safer.

    Good luck getting everything back!

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