Brendon Grows Up and Other Key Moments

After the turmoil of the failed wedding and Dagmar’s passing it took some time for things to start moving again around the Harrison’s.  Yet, it didn’t take THAT long.  No more news came to Dale of the strange going-ons downtown.  He wondered sometimes what had happened and why the threats of the mysterious blonde woman never panned out.

With his mother’s passing, Calder seemed to be given a reprieve of the werewolf dreams.  He continued his work at the hospital and was advancing slowly.  Kaylynn continued her friendship with the family and was told by Dale she could stay as long as needed.  Her and Calder continued to grow close again and the lines of friendship once more began to fan into something much warmer.

However, one of the things that seemed to help pull Dale out of his internal stress was watching Brendon grow closer to manhood.  His second oldest finished out his final year of school with flying colors and before too long it was time for a party.  Brendon was following in his mother’s footsteps as a writer.  In his senior year, Brendon was writing for the school paper, had focused on getting some contacts at the local paper, The Roundabout Herald, and was writing a small youth column.  His final birthday as a teenager came and Dale was elated to get the party started.   A special surprise guest was the headmaster for the school who was delighted to have taught the young man.

The party went off smoothly which seemed to be an exception for the Harrisons.  Oddly enough, Tosha Go, Brendon’s school sweetheart was unable to make the party.  Calder blew out his candles and the partygoers waited to see the grown up Brendon.  Racheal Sanders seemed particularly interested… (or maybe she was just checking out Calder?)

Then, Brendon Harrison became an adult.  His shirt frightened more than a few of the attendees.  (Knowledge Aspiration with the LG of Becoming a Media Magnate.)

Afterwards, the party went into full swing and the Headmaster showed off some of his moves.

Racheal wasted no time getting to know Brendon.  They spent a long time talking about travel, media, and assorted other topics and seemed to hit it off nicely.  Dale observed and wondered if Tosha had missed out on more than she knew.

The party wrapped up in the evening and Brendon, under urging from his brother, went to change out of the odd western shirt as well as cleaning up himself up  a bit.

Before the week was over, Brendon was offered a part time job finishing up the yearbook for the high school as well as a full time job at the Roundabout Herald.  Wasting no time, he got to work immediately.

Later in the week, Kaylynn had decided she had waited long enough and made her move.  Her and Calder went out for a long date to a special location Kaylynn had picked out, a local spa.   They lounged and talked by the fireplace and Kaylynn suggested the hot tub. Calder, not one to miss a hint, joined her.

Relaxed by the surroundings, Calder finally opened up fully to Kaylynn.  He began asking questions about Kaylynn’s actions during his wedding.  “I know how you feel about me. We’ve been through a lot.”  He paused and then started again, “What you did at the wedding.  Was it on purpose? We’d talked and I thought you were happy for me? ”

“I was happy for you but I had to do it.  Your father knew how I felt and helped me see that I couldn’t just sit by and watch it happen.  It was weird though…”

“What was weird?”

“I didn’t feel like myself.  I just remembered thinking about it, about what I was going to say and then, I dunno, I have this weird blank.  I don’t remember doing anything at all but the next thing I knew Zen was slapping you and glaring at me. ”

Calder agreed it was weird.  He also filed away the fact that his father had talked her into it.  He asked her more details but she swore she had never intended for it to happen that way. “Regardless, Calder, I’m not afraid to tell you I’m glad it went down the way it did.”

“Yeah,” responded Calder, “Ok.  So, where do we go from here?”

Kaylynn grinned micheviously, “I was hoping you’d say something like that…”

“Let’s get out of the tub and I’ll show you my idea.”  Kaylynn continued.

They did and as soon as Calder reappeared from getting dressed into street clothes, Kaylynn dropped to one knee and proposed.

Calder was surprised and stunned.  His thoughts made him pause for only a few seconds before he accepted completely.


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