The Plan, Part Three

Fireworks ensued when Calder returned home.  He announced his engagement quietly to his parents and his mother nearly fainted, his father chuckled and then regained composure.  Wondering on the reactions, Calder asked what was going on and Dagmar told him that Kaylynn had agreed to move in with the family.  Things got hot from there.

In order not to cause a complete mess, Calder took his mother outside for a long talk.  They argued.  What gave her the right to try and control his life?

His mother angrily retorted.  Why couldn’t he see that Kaylynn was a much better woman for him then Zen?

“It’s not your decision!” Calder finished.

Dagmar walked off in a huff and Calder stewed for the rest of the day.  Inside, Dale took a more calm approach and retreated back into his paintings.   He was sure everything would work itself out one way or the other.   In his experience he’d discovered Love had a way of doing just that and the more you forced it, the worse it got.

He was becoming fairly well known for his paintings and they were beginning to go for more and more simoleans at the local studios.  He was beginning to get commissions as well.  So, he relaxed and finished up a piece until he heard Dagmar talking with Kaylynn.

Wandering into the guest room they had given Kaylynn, he found Dagmar telling her the news.  Kaylynn seemed to take it in her normal calm way that Dale liked so much.  He wondered quietly to himself, “Why wasn’t she named Zen instead of Zen being named Zen?”

As they both listened Dagmar began going on about the fact Kaylynn NEEDED to get between Zen and Calder.  If she cared for Calder at all, she’d be more aggressive and get him to open his eyes.  Kaylynn seemed amused at the whole idea and Dale moved quickly to get his upset wife out of the house.

He took Dagmar out to a local restaurant and got her to relax a bit.  Over a fine cuisine of cheeseburgers and wine he was able to get her to see just how crazy she had been with their oldest son.   She still didn’t like Zen but she did admit she’d gone over the top with Kaylynn.  She’s taken advantage of their ex-maid’s financial situation, got her stuck in a another difficult one and would apologize to her in the morning.

“What can I say, dear,” Dagmar said, “I’m the wife of a con-man.”

Meanwhile, at home, Kaylynn asked to speak to Calder out on the back porch.  She told him she had heard the news and that, honestly, she was happy for him.  Regardless of her crazy mother’s attitude, Kaylynn could see that Zen was a much better fit for him then she was.  She wanted him to know she understood.

Calder, a little stunned, apologized for not telling her sooner.   He teased,  “Sorry, Kay,  I sometimed can’t seem to find my way out of an ethical dark alley.”    Kaylynn agreed.

“I guess I’m just the son of a con-man,” Calder joked

Kaylynn agreed with that one too.

Kaylynn laughed and easily accepted the apology.  The minute she had gotten to know the Harrisons she’d known what she was getting into.  It amused her to no end.  “Calder, as long as this whole thing doesn’t get between us being close friends, I don’t care.”

That evening, Calder had yet another wolf dream.  This time he was outside the house with Zen.  As they talked, the same large wolf with glowing eyes walked up to them.  Zen appeared to not notice the creature.  As he watched, the wolf stopped directly between them and simply stood.  Zen continued talking as if nothing was wrong and all Calder could do was look at the wolf.

Then, the wolf turned to him.

Zen was gone and he heard a voice in his mind which called him by his name and once again he felt the rush of strength and power.  He heard the wind in the trees.  He could smell a remainder of Zen’s perfume, the musky smell of the wolf, and the far off smell of approaching snow.

Then, the dream ended and he awoke.  For some reason, the dream had left him feeling energized but also disturbed.  It had something to do with the way the wolf stood between he and Zen.  It bothered him for most of the day but then he went to work, got a promotion, and quickly forgot about it.

After he got home that afternoon from the hospital he took Kaylynn outside for a little talk.  He had been thinking about what she had said and wanted to fill her in on an idea he had during work.  Outside, the first snow of the year was beginning to fall and the dream from the night before passed through his mind.  He felt more energized again, he felt wild.  He knew the idea might forever damage his friendship with Kaylynn but the reminder of the dream helped him.  Kaylynn listened quietly as he spoke.

She was a little shocked when he dropped the final line.

But, to Calder’s surprise, she came around, added a few ideas of her own and agreed that if he was okay with it, so was she!

And so, as the first snow of winter fell around them, they celebrated their plan together.

(And, as a small aside, I thought I’d post a little screenshot that illustrated what exactly I’ve been dealing with when it comes to Calder and his inability to make a decision.  It’s been a challenge but well worth it.  Hope he survives…)

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3 responses to “The Plan, Part Three

  1. Has that boy changed his mind, again? Is he going to marry Kay now? There are lots of hearts flying with that snow! Mom is the interfering sort, isn’t she?

  2. “What can I say, dear,” Dagmar said, “I’m the wife of a con-man.”

    LOL! Well, she is certainly showing what she’s learned.

    Love Kaylynn’s face towards the end there. Can’t wait to see what this plan is.

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