The Plan

Calder brewed up a last ditch plan.  He would ask Zen over one final time for a dinner with his parents.  Hopefully, things would could get worked out between them all and he could move forward.  Part of him, the selfish part,  thought he would move forward whether things worked out or not.   However, he owed it to his parents to give this one last shot.

The night before the eventful day, he dreamed again.  The large wolf came to his house again.  They met on the porch and Calder greeted him in the moonlight.

The large wolf spoke to him of thick woods, nature, freedom, and the strength of great warriors.  When Calder awoke in the morning the feeling of the dream being real carried over into his waking life.  This time, though, there were no telltale physical signs around his room.  He wondered if it all was some sort of omen for the day to come.

In the morning, he sprung his plan on his father whom he knew would be the most laid back of the pair.  Dale resisted at first but Calder was able to soften him up quickly.

“Fine,” said Dale, “but she better not get all fruit-loopy on us.  She messes with your mother again and all I can say is that I hope her insurance is paid up. ”

While Dale briefed Dagmar upstairs, Calder made the phone call.

Zen agreed to come over to have dinner but when she arrived Dale greeted her icily.  Dinner was made and the afternoon began.  It was obvious that Zen and Dale wanted nothing to do with one another.

After a very brief time at the table, Dale took his food outside to eat alone.  Calder tried to pry out of them what was going on between the two of them.  Zen would say little but she did make a few comments concerning Dale’s past.   From that, Calder decided it must have something to do with his father’s less than reputable criminal ways.

After dinner Calder suggested one of his father’s favorite activities, darts.  Zen and Dale agreed to play a game and, surprisingly enough, got along very well during it.

Things seemed to be clicking well when suddenly Calder’s cell phone went off and he was summoned to emergency duty almost immediately!  It would mean leaving Zen alone with both Dagmar and Dale.  As the ambulance arrived outside to carry him off, Calder gave Zen a quick hug and left.   Zen, obviously unsettled by the new situation, lasted only twenty frosty minutes before excusing herself from the household.  “At least I didn’t punch anybody this time,” she thought as she let herself out.

When Calder returned home, he was disappointed to find out nothing had been resolved.  That night, alone in his room, he grew frustrated with waiting on other people and making other people happy.  He cared for Kaylynn but she was older.  Regardless of how much passion he had for the older woman, he’d been more than friends with Zen for a long time and it was time, now or never, to move forward.  He no longer cared what his mother or father thought!  They would have to live with his decision and so be it!  He also had a small hunch in his gut that Kaylynn would understand.  Matter of fact, he had a plan there too.  You didn’t grow up as a son of a veteran criminal without considering ALL the angles presented!

Unfortunately, for him, other family members had their own plans…

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One response to “The Plan

  1. Now I feel all nostalgic for my Sims 2 families. I got a new computer so I’ll have to spend some time installing everything so I can visit them again.

    Nice storyline, I’m looking forward to the next update.

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