Quiet Before The Storm?

As Spring turned into Summer, Calder was able to finally get through his first classes and land a job working as an assistant emergency technician.  He, and his family, were excited but his hours were reversed from everyone else with him sometimes not getting home till 3 or 4 in the morning.

Dale and Dagmar were getting to spend more time together then they had in years.  It was good to see the two of them genuinely enjoying each others company.

Dagmar even took up painting one afternoon out nowhere, walking over to Dale’s easel and starting up.  Dale took a renewed interest in Nature and fishing. One day he decided to spend some of his retirement funds on a small fishing pond for his family.

The entire family suddenly began taking an interest in fishing after Dale’s initial attempts and Calder joined him on days off.  Calder enjoyed the time with his father and, much to Dale’s frustration, seemed to take to the new hobby a little faster than his Dad.

Dagmar took the opportunity on a quiet afternoon to corner Kaylynn and talk further about the maid’s relationship with Dale.  They talked for about an hour in the dining room.   Dagmar found out her acting career had hit a real rough spot.  She was struggling and living in a small one room apartment downtown, relying on her house cleaning income to dig out a meager existence until her acting career took off.

Then, with her usual grace and style, Dagmar told Kaylynn directly that she should marry Calder and move in upstairs.   It was obvious that the two of them were great together, Kaylynn was here enough as it was and, well, why not?  Kaylynn was too shocked to really say anything except that she was pretty sure Calder might have an opinion on it and that she would think about it.  (This was great because Dagmar really did start up a conversation with Kaylynn AND popped the marriage icon at her.  This really was Kaylynn’s reaction!)

Brendon decided to be bold one day and called up his schoolmate, Tosha Go.   She agreed to meet him after school and then from there to head to the bowling alley.  Brendon called it a date.  Tosha called it “hanging out.”  They had a nice meal and bowled a few rounds.  Funny enough, whether he had been watching his older brother or operating on sheer natural talent, Brendon changed Tosha’s opinion and the first date ended up going very well.

Calder finally got a chance at some free time and wasted none of it.  Having stronger and stronger feelings for Kaylynn, he had decided to push the boundaries with her and invited her out for dinner.  How serious was she about him?  He was considering moving things forward with her and he felt it was time for him to explore things for real.  He made reservations at the finest restaurant and out they went.

However, something odd happened during the date.  It wasn’t anything Kaylynn had done necessarily but it was a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach.  He shouldn’t be here with Kaylynn.  He should be here with Zen and, more importantly and surprisingly, he realized he felt more strongly for Zen.  Strong enough to ask her to marry him.  What was wrong with him?  He didn’t really know, all he knew is what he felt.  (I kid you not! Right after the date began at Londoste’s Calder rolled a want of “Get engaged to Zen.”  Wow.  Talk about a curveball.  First he wanted to go on a date with Kaylynn and when he finally gets a chance to go, he starts thinking about Zen.  Poor messed up boy.)

The date went very well regardless.  However, Calder started thinking.  What if he could get Zen and his parents to reconcile?  Would they?  He figured he owed it to his relationship with Zen to find out.

Meanwhile, at home, an odd twist was occurring.  A strange blonde woman came to the Harrison’s house.  Dale, seeing her out his studio window, went to greet her.  She would not give her name but wanted to talk to him, alone.  “Ivy sent me,” is all she would tell him.  He led her into his studio and while Dagmar slept they talked.  She spoke quickly and in hushed tones. It concerned his “old days.”

He was needed back on the street.  They needed his eyes, his brain.  Some dark things were happening, old members of the crew were suddenly disappearing, safe houses were getting hit.  It could easily be a rival gang.  They needed his help.

Dale told her she needed to leave.  He’d done his time and he was out.  His wife would never forgive him.  The woman pressed him and in order to get her to shut up he told her he would “think about it.”

“Well, you better think fast.  Bad things are happening out there and I’d hate for them to start happening here.”  The woman left just as Calder was arriving home.  She slid out the back door and into the dark woods at the back of the property.


5 responses to “Quiet Before The Storm?

  1. Ok….I found you. I going to start reading from the beginning…This is going be great fun.Will post again when done.

  2. The plot thickens! Will it be the friendly maid or the angry hottie for our young hero?! Nice pic of Dale fishing up an old work boot. Heh.

  3. Hiya!
    I’ve just jumped into your blog & I must say it was a very interesting read! I’ll definitely be checking back often :)Keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Kapreasha and Asar, Welcome and thanks for the great compliments! Chrysame – This is getting a bit bizarre. Calder doesn’t seem to have any clue what to do. I’m trying one more experiment and if that doesn’t work I’m going with the backup plan!

  5. Ack! He hasn’t chosen yet? I keep checking in to see if he’s made a decision. It must be difficult for a young male sim to chose between two good-looking females.

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