Birthday Bash

Brendon, like his brother before him, was active and seemed perpetually behind on homework.  Where Calder seemed attached to his mother, Brendon could not get enough attention from Dale.  Not that he minded but Dale, after awhile, was having to use more and more warming muscle cream on his shoulders from playing so much catch.

He also gravitated to his brother, constantly wanting to be around him even when he could not stay awake to enjoy it.

As time passed, Calder began seeing Kaylynn more and more.  Since the fight with Dagmar, Zen had been acting much differently.  Even her mother, Kari, was a little nervous at the anger Zen was expressing.  She was, her mother would say, definitely not living up to her name.  She also wanted little to do with the Harrisons and so avoided coming over.  Calder did not understand and Kaylynn could have cared less.

Dagmar, in a sudden fit of concern, sat Kaylynn at the dinner table during a quiet night in the house.  They talked into the wee hours of morning.  Kaylynn understood and was a little taken aback by her attraction to Calder as well.  However, she praised Calder constantly and could not stop voicing how lucky she felt, how it was like she struck gold.  Dagmar understood and recognized True Love when she saw it.   She wished them well and the matter was dropped.

In no time, Brendon was growing and it was time for the teen birthday.  As the guests gathered, Calder was surprised to see Zen show up uninvited.  (No kidding, she really did!) Kaylynn was, of course, in attendance and Calder had no idea what could happen.  He also was concerned about Zen’s constant state of irritation.  He tried to talk to her but she simply said, “I felt I should be here.”  For the most part she stayed to herself and spoke to no one.

Brendon had no problem talking to anyone.

Then, it was time and Brendon made a quick wish at the cake.

Wah-lah!  Brendon is a teenager!  (No one, including me, was really sure what was up with Brendon’s outfit.) Perhaps it was his love of reading?  Of history?  Brendon loved it and was fond of striking heroic poses with it.

Dagmar gave her son a big hug, congratulated him and then excused herself to go rest.

Then, the inevitable occurred.  While Calder and Brendon where getting arranged by the birthday cake for a photograph, there was a yell from the bottom of the stairs.  Party goers sprinted to see what was occurring only to see Dale and Zen in a dust ball of fighting.

It was over quickly.  Dale had been in far too many fights in back alleys to worry too much about Zen.  It ended with Zen crumpled in a heap in the corner.  He yelled at her to get out.  Tessa, who had been right there, said that Zen had just attacked him for no reason as he came down the stairs!  She had acted almost like an animal.

As Zen marched off, Calder tried to follow her but she would not speak to him.  There was something different about her, something in her eyes.  He let her go and realized it was, most likely the last time he would see her for awhile.  Once again, Zen had made his decision for him.

Brendon, however, never got along with Zen and could have cared less.  As the party wrapped after the fight, he headed outside.  Fascinated by nature, he decided to grab some fireflies for observation.

He did not have much luck…

However, he was undaunted.  He would try again tomorrow!  It was his birthday, the world loomed large before him and no amount of silly drama with his brother or his family would stop him.  He was *cue dramatic music* Brendon Harrison!


2 responses to “Birthday Bash

  1. Brendon is a very handsome fellow. Looks like he knows it, too! Heehee. What’s up with Zen? Gotta love those Sim fights.

  2. I have NO idea what is suddenly up with Zen. She still seems to like Calder but, wow, she hates his parents! She’s currently at the point of stealing newspapers and kicking trash cans. Was goofing around with another Sim and Dale and her were on the same community lot. Instant fight!

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