Wherein Oddities Begin to Appear

The decision facing Calder between Kaylynn and Zen had been pressing on him for weeks.  He would see Kaylynn almost daily.  He would see Zen nearly every other day.  Kaylynn was an older woman but funny and very intelligent.  Zen was younger, energetic and, well, very Zen.  When not seeing them, he even went out other evenings to either play chess, cards or to go out for dinner trying to get some distance on his relationship to both of them.  What ended up happening was he met other woman who were also as charming.  He even ran into Ivy Copur from the last big job his father worked on.

The real crazy thing there is they hit it off too!  What was it with him and older women?  Calder could only remember a little about the incident with Ivy and his mother.  Ivy “helped him” to remember that it had been a horrible miscommunication.  They ended up having several drinks and enjoying each other’s company.  Calder wasn’t stupid and he  wondered what Ivy’s angle was or, maybe, she really did like him that much?  He was also distracted by the fact she was hot.  Regardless, it made for a memorable and interesting evening.

Events began to spiral rapidly.  The following afternoon the elder Harrisons were out for the day leaving Kaylynn and Calder alone.  Needless to say, things got a little steamy after a very nice lunch  and, well, the inevitable happened.

Afterwards, Calder and Kaylynn fell asleep.  During the night Calder dreamt he had been startled awake by “something.”  He rose, looked outside and this where things got weird.

All his life he had wanted to see a wolf.  As a child he loved stories about werewolves. (I always thought it was funny but never had anything happen for Calder to act on.  Then, suddenly, this!) In the dream, he looked down out of his window and there, in the yard, was a massive dog with glowing green eyes!

He jogged downstairs quickly, threw on a coat, and stepped out into the chill night.   The creature approached him and he kneeled down to greet it.  His heart was in his throat as he pet the great beast’s head.  A dream come true within a dream!

As he spoke to the creature another chill ran down his body.  The two of them were not alone!  Unbelievably another great dog with glowing green eyes came around the corner of the house from the other direction.  There were two of them now.  He greeted the newcomer and in response he could feel them calling to him.

He invited them inside so as to show Kaylynn.  They were dangerous.  Of that, Calder had no doubt but he walked them into his family’s home.  He trusted them.  He wanted Kaylynn to meet them.  Once in his room, Kaylynn was gone and the room was once again as it had been when he was a child.  The first wolf he had met turned to him and they locked eyes for what seemed an eternity.

Then, the dream was over.  It was morning and Kaylynn was beside him.  He sat up and, more importantly, he saw there were what looked like muddy dog prints on his bedroom floor!  Woozy and trying to piece together things he fell back asleep.  But Kaylynn was awake and she got up, stretched, and went to the desk to sit down.

Shortly after doing it Dale, whom had returned with Dagmar from their small trip during the night, entered the room to greet Dale for breakfast.  He was more than a little surprised at what he found!

Recovering quickly after finding his family maid in his son’s bedroom, he nonchalantly asked her downstairs for breakfast.  He also decided to let Dagmar sleep through this one.  It was an interesting breakfast to say the least.  Kaylynn seemed to enjoy spending time with Dale and the two talked easily.  Dale confessed he wasn’t really that surprised by the course of events between Calder and her.  How much weirder could it all get anyway?

Then he realized that Calder and Kaylynn must not have slept much last night.

As Kaylynn slept in her breakfast, Calder finally woke himself up.  He inspected the floor again.  The dog tracks might have been tracks but they could also be  mud tracked in from someone’s shoes.   Glancing at his shoes in the corner, he realized they had no mud on them.

What was going on?

Kaylynn excused herself and headed home after breakfast and a quick kiss to Calder.   Dale and his son had a talk over another bowl of cereal.  It seemed Dale was giving him encouragement.  Calder did not tell his father about the dream dogs.  He finished up cereal, got another congratulations from his father and then went in to search for an opening in the medical field.  He needed a job, something to keep his mind active and his wallet a bit more full.

A few hours of peace rolled along.  Dagmar awoke, Dale painted, and Calder surfed the internet looking for jobs.  And just when the day couldn’t get any more bizarre, late in the afternoon, Zen Slate showed up.

Calder greeted her with a hug and a kiss.  Zen came into the house.  Calder went to fire up the video games and Zen wandered into the dining room where Dale was standing.  Dagmar was finishing up what was left of the days dinner in the kitchen.  To be honest, no one is sure what happened next.  (I know I don’t!  I missed it as it was off screen.) It’s funny  but, in regards to Calder’s decision, when it seems as if the world is crumbling around you the most important tool you can wield is patience.

Answers have a way of revealing themselves…

There was a bit of shouting.  A chair fell over.  Zen was yelling at Dale, pointing her finger at him.  She poked him with her finger again.  He said something to obviously calm her down.  She shoved him against the table!  Dagmar, in the kitchen, only saw the final shove.

It should be on a sign at the front door for anyone that enters, “Do not poke or shove Dagmar’s husband.”  Dagmar came charging out of the kitchen and tackled Zen from behind.  The resulting dust-up was pretty fantastic!

We all have no doubt who came out on top, right?

Afterwards, Dagmar went to check on an upset Dale and Zen marched for the door.   “All I said was that she looked good this evening and she just went off on me!” said Dale.

All Calder could do was watch with a videogame controller in hand as Zen slammed the door behind her.  He wondered to himself, “Am I still dreaming?”


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