Calder’s Complications

(I’m pretty sure that if I keep this pace up with my Legacy challenge I should get done somewhere around 2015!  I think I’ve ironed out some of my difficulties with the graphics for now and so I’ve been able to press forward quite a bit.  A lot has happened with the Harrison’s!    This is a long post so get a beverage, sit back and let’s not waste any more time!)

Shortly after Calder’s big birthday, the first snow fell in Roundabout Corners.  The family went out to enjoy the weather and build a snowman.

Zen Slate even came by to join in on the fun of the season.

Dale finished up his big job and was rewarded for a job well done.  Also, much to Dagmar’s relief, nothing went wrong and Dale’s involvement was never noted.  Ivy Copur left town shortly afterward and has not been seen again.

Calder has been enjoying getting out on his own.  The winter weeks passed quickly.  Unemployed and in a period of time before starting his medical training, he had time to explore Roundabout Corners.  It was obvious he was able to make friends easily.  He enjoyed the occasional pick-up chess game in the park and he’s had no problem with the ladies paying attention to him.  This has been a big change from his younger days when he couldn’t get a girl to pay serious attention to him at all.  He didn’t mind the change one bit.

But, oddly enough, his real confusion started with a simple phone call from Zen Slate…

Zen Slate was having a birthday.  Right behind Dale in age, she was growing up.  Zen, the girl with which he had a boyhood crush on had invited him and his family over.   Dagmar was facing a winter cold from being out too much so Calder and Dale, both invited, went over to the Slate house for some birthday fun.    The party was crammed into the narrow house that the Slates owned.  Soon enough it came time for Zen to blow out the cake.  She was in an amazing mood and he caught the look in her eye as she went to make her wish with her birthday candles.

It threw Calder but he liked the attention.  He liked it even more as Zen grew to womanhood before his eyes.  As the party moved along Zen asked Calder to dance and they did.  The rest of the evening flew past.  Calder was still stunned but he recovered enough to invite Zen out for a birthday dinner the following evening.

The time they had spent together as kids moved things along quickly and, in a way, impeded things.  They both still remembered each other as friends but were also having other feelings as well.  It was a confusing and exciting date and it ended well enough with Calder giving her a hug on her porch.  (The relationship has one lightning bolt.  Although an obvious hot couple, I’m not sure it will play out that well.  Perhaps the very closest of friends?)

As Calder and Zen enjoyed each other’s company, back at home, Brendon was learning how to walk with the help of his parents.  He was growing up quickly!

Perhaps too quickly!

Calder, meanwhile had another curve ball to deal with a few days later.  Coming back from the park, Calder was surprised to see Kaylynn dancing around the living room as she cleaned.  As he laughed he was surprised when she did not stop and, instead, came right up to him and started dancing very close indeed.

His parents were gone on an errand she explained as they talked quietly in his father’s study.  Flashes of his earlier crush and his attempt at flirting with her as a child washed over him.  Kaylynn was somewhere around six years older than him and it had seemed like such a wide distance when he was younger.  Now, it didn’t seem that far apart any more.  It was obvious Kaylynn was feeling the same way.  Where it came from, he had no idea.   (This one surprised me with a two lightning bolt attraction out of nowhere!  The strongest relationship Calder had encountered so far…)

Calder was at a loss for what to do so he went to the wisest people he knew, his parents.  Over dinner he came clean and told them what was happening, both with Zen and Kaylynn.  He wanted them to know what was happening and he wanted their advice.  Did they think it was wrong for falling in love with the maid?

Dale explained that since he fell in love with the mail courier he really couldn’t say too much.  Dagmar was a little concerned but the age difference was not that extreme and she trusted Kaylynn.  She just warned Calder that although it could just be an infatuation he wouldn’t know for sure unless he tried it out.  Both of them cautioned him about hurting the two women.

The days continued and Kaylynn continued to visit the house to clean.  As normal she would stay to visit with the family but now there seemed more time spent with Calder.   Dagmar and Dale watched and continued to enjoy Kaylynn’s company.  At one point, Dagmar and Kaylynn had a frank exchange on the side porch.  When she returned, Dagmar seemed quite pleased although she wouldn’t talk about what was said.

Calder also continued to visit with Zen as well.  They went out drinking one evening and the two had a great time.  Zen showed Calder she knew how to throw a mean dart.  When they came back to the house, Zen and Calder went up to his room.  Sitting on the couch it happened.  Caught up in the closeness of each other, they both had their first kiss.

After Zen left for the evening, Calder went back up to his room.  He sat there quietly staring at a wall.

He was smart enough to realize he was in a mess of a situation.


2 responses to “Calder’s Complications

  1. Oooh, torn between two women!

    The 1 bolt couples can actually work out well. Most of mine are two or three bolt but I have at least one 1 bolt couple. You’d never know it, honestly. They clicked right from the very beginning and they’re all over each other now, 7 years in.

  2. We’ll have to see. I’m trying to think of an appropriate challenge or random chance where he can choose between the two. I’m thinking one more evening on the town to see what happens and then either waiting to see what evolves or flipping a coin. 😛

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