Calder’s Big Day

And before anyone knew it,  right on the heel’s of Brendon’s,  it was time for Calder’s birthday.  This time he was becoming an adult.  Unlike before, he’s the one that took over and called folks over.  Since it was Saturday, he had the time to make sure the chairs were out and the decorations set.  It was HIS party.

On a lark, he asked Zen Slate over and surprisingly enough she showed.  It was an extra surprise since they had not hung out since he had ditched her for Meadow Thayer at a previous birthday party.  He met her at the door and they had a particularly long conversation about all manner of things, most of them a bit obscure.


Throughout the day Zen followed Calder around.  It was very cute and Calder took notice as well.  She was a year or so younger than he was and he hoped it wouldn’t be a problem after the big day.

There was the usual birthday cake and the cheering.



And, like that, Calder made his first steps into adulthood!  Birthday

Looking handsome and intelligent, Calder made the move gracefully.  Much to the surprise of Dale, Calder came out looking professional and suave.  His Lifetime Want is to be Chief of Staff in the Medical field.   Smart, funny, and charismatic balanced by just the right amount of nerdiness.  Interestingly enough, Kaylynn the maid was more than a little eager to congratulate him.  Zen stayed back a bit but he did go over to speak her with briefly.  A few of the guests even broke into dance.

But some things don’t change.  Calder made a bee-line for the cake and grabbed his first piece.


A very proud Dagmar and Dale finally got a chance to hug their son and congratulate him on all the hard work.


Meanwhile, Brendon took the opportunity to monopolize Tessa’s time.


Look out Roundabout Corners, there’s a new upcoming doctor on the streets and his name’s Calder Harrison!



2 responses to “Calder’s Big Day

  1. Ha, that last picture is great! He looks pretty proud of himself!

  2. He turned out rather nicely! Now that he’s “legal” the other women will take notice.

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