The Difficulties of Dagmar, Part Three

Suddenly Dagmar stood and seemed to be interacting with someone that wasn’t actually there.

spinny thing

Ivy, not used to seeing folks give birth and go gooney-bird crazy was a bit overwhelmed.  Calder took Brendon into the other room and Kaylynn watched, trying to figure out how to help.

(It took a minute for me to realize that only Dagmar could see the Magical Flying Shrink Dude, also known as an M.F.S.D.  Once I figured it out, it amused me to no end.)

Dagmar seemed to be muttering to someone, leaning forward and looking at something.


She started acting like a monkey and then, as quickly as it had occurred, she blinked and seemed to come back to the here and now.  She shook hands with someone that was not there and She immediately asked where Brendon was.  Calder brought him to her.

Dag Fixed

During this time, Ivy had eased away and out to the porch.  She called Dale and told him about Brendon.  Not wanting to alarm him, she failed to mention the nervous breakdown.  She didn’t want Dale off his game with worry.  Besides, Dagmar looked just fine now, didn’t she?  She went back inside and told them Dale had been notified and then lied about him coming home as soon as possible.

Ivy Worried

Dagmar immediately headed for bed and Calder took over taking care of Brendon until his father returned.  Ivy decided a few nights in a local hotel might be a good idea.  Kaylynn stayed to help for a bit.

Calder feeding Brendon

Clean up

Kaylynn and Brendon

Brendon to bed

Dale arrived later the next day and couldn’t wait to see his new son.  Unbeknown to his older son had made it through a horrid night of dirty diapers and Brendon’s crying.

Dale home

Not knowing about what had happened to Dagmar, he kissed her directly on the forehead as she slept and went to Brendon.

Dale holds Bren

Later that day, things came out.  Dagmar finally woke up, well rested, but well into the afternoon.  They had a meal and Dale noticed something was different about his wife.  Not only more exhausted but she seemed jumpy and quick to anger.  Dale tried to use some good news and started talking about the job again.  If the job panned out,  he told her, he’d be able to retire, to walk away from it all.  Everything was in place.  Escape routes were planned, diversions built, contacts had been paid off.  The whole thing looked like it would work.  Dale was excited and youthful.

Dale and Dag talking

Dagmar couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  How could he be so insensitive after what had just happened?  Calder came in with Brendon to see what the arguing was about.  “Didn’t Ivy tell you what happened, Dad?’ asked Calder.

“Yeah, she told me Brendon had been born.”

“That’s it?” yelled Dagmar, startling Dale, and Calder proceeded to fill his Dad in on a few things.  Dale was shocked.  He hugged his wife fiercely and urged her to get some more rest.  He then left to have a phone call with Ivy.  Calder give his mom a hug and took Brendon to be changed.

But the realization that Ivy had played Dale was too much for Dagmar’s exhaustion.  Alone and tired, she slumped into the wall and, once again, began to drift.

Dag loses it again

To Be Continued


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