The Difficulties of Dagmar, Part Two

The first pains hit her hard.  She’d gotten up to take her plate and the first labor pain had been intense.  She doubled over, screamed, and she knew this was it.   Tired and disoriented, she could only continue to mumble to herself, “Not now… not now…”

first cramp

The other two women reacted quickly, springing to their feet.  Kaylynn called for Calder.  Ivy was mute and completely taken by surprise.  Dagmar stopped muttering only to scream through gritted teeth.

second cramp

The final scream of frustration from Dagmar shook the rafters and rattled the windows.   Calder rushed to his mother’s side.

Final cramp

Soon it was over and Dagmar had given birth to a new baby boy.  He was beautiful and he was given the name Dale and she had agreed upon; Brendon.

Baby Brendon

Then, the moment of beauty was shattered as tragedy struck.  Exhausted and overwhelmed, Dagmar collapsed in a heap upon the floor!  Kaylynn, Calder, and Ivy stood in shock at the scene that had just unfolded before them.  Ivy mumbled something about calling the hospital.


And then, just as quickly and before anyone could get to the phone, Dagmar awoke, stood, and began to shake.

Dagmar wakens

The pressure of having Brendon had been too much.  She’d been too tired, too stressed.  She hadn’t really wanted a child.  She lost her balance.  Why did she have a child?  She started to mutter to herself again and then she slumped against the wall.  Dale?  Where was Dale?

Dagmar overpressured psyche began the slide into a nervous breakdown and she collapsed again while little Brendon lay on the floor.

Dagmar broken

Calder was the first to react.  Worried only for his little brother, he swooped him up in a loving embrace.  Brendon appeared unharmed and completely unaware.  Calder held him close and moved away from his mother.  Ivy grabbed her cell phone and made a fast call.

Calder to the rescue

Meanwhile, the other two women were nervously trying to figure out what to do.  As Calder walked Brendon into the other room, Ivy and Kaylynn helped Dagmar as much as they could until helped arrived.

When it did, neither one of them was ready for it.

the doctor

(To Be Continued!)

(As a side note, this was NOT what I was looking for!  However, this is what I got.  Funny how that works with this game, isn’t it?  I knew Dagmar was exhausted going into the meal but I had lost track of how many days the pregnancy had gone.   And how was I to know that literally just before her pregnancy she’d throw the major fear of giving birth?  She was already pretty low and then when the birth happened she lost alot of points all at once.  Then, the fear of passing out was hit and the descent into madness was inevitable! *cue madman laughter in the background.*  All in all, though, this was pretty traumatic and a perfect example of why I love this game so much!)


2 responses to “The Difficulties of Dagmar, Part Two

  1. So Dagmar had a nervous breakdown? I had no idea that could happen in Sims 2. Wow. And fear of pregnancy is a moodlet? We’re really missing some stuff in Sims 3.

    Good thing Calder is there to take care of his little brother. Poor Dagmar.

    I agree that when unintentional things happen in the game it really gets interesting. Not being able to predict what can happen is part of the fun. Much like real life, stuff happens.

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