Exhaustion is a Harsh Mistress

As Dagmar’s pregnancy progressed and Calder’s homework issues were smoothed out, things around the house actually settled down.   Things had, for the time being, returned to normal.

Dagmar pregger

Dale’s work had been quiet after the series of high scores and he was spending more time around the house.  Calder was on the go constantly.  Dale and Dagmar could tell he was getting excited about having a younger sibling since he seemed to talk about it constantly.


Dagmar although healthy was spending a lot of time being constantly tired and eating.  Even the previous conversation with Calder must have taken more out of her than she expected.

Dagmar exhst

The maid, Kaylynn, arrived one day aglow with news and a new makeover.  She’d been accepted to perform in a theatrical and dance role for an upcoming production of “Global Stage.”  She would start immediately and had cut her cleaning jobs down to only a few handful of jobs, the Harrison’s being one of them. Dagmar was tickled and spent most of the afternoon talking to her about all the upcoming travel.

Kaytlynn redo

As well as on the go, Calder also appeared to be gaining entirely new levels of self-confidence.  In his adolescent brain it would seem he had deemed his attempt with Kaylynn as some kind of success.  Upon that foundation he began to heap on piles of what could only be called “teen spirit.”


His calls to Meadow Thayer began to increase even though she blew him off on the first two attempts.  Slowly he whittled her down by calling her every day.  At first he would start talking about homework or about the news.  He would then change the topic and the phone calls started going from a few minutes to long extended conversations.  Dale noted his stubbornness and praised him for it.  Dagmar just laughed it off and ate more.


The odd thing, however, was that Meadow never wanted to come over.  If Meadow did not want to come over perhaps she was nervous for some reason?  Dale secretly wondered if Lilith had told Meadow about his background.  Had his cover been blown in Roundabout Corners?  For Calder’s sake, he hoped not.  Regardless, the two carried on a relationship over the phone as well as the computer.

Until, one Friday night, Calder snuck out to meet Meadow.   Meadow picked him up in a fancy yellow sports car and the two sped off to who knows where.  Dale and Dagmar, thinking their son was just sleeping in, were unaware he was not even in the house.  Dagmar invited Tessa over and Dale worked on his paintings.  While the three of them ate breakfast, Calder returned and dashed into the back bathroom.   Unfortunately, the poor boy was so exhausted he fell asleep on his feet before he could even relieve himself.

Tessa found him as she went to use the restroom herself.   He smelled a bit of smoke and sweat.  His face was greasier than normal.   Needless to say, it was a bit of a shock.


But, then, even after Tessa tried to wake him, he stayed asleep.  Tessa began to worry.  Should she tell his parents?  Was this normal?


And besides all of that, she really had to pee.


3 responses to “Exhaustion is a Harsh Mistress

  1. Ha! Calder better slow down before he wears himself out! I see more trouble ahead!!!

  2. Ha, Dale and Dagmar might need to have a little chat with Calder now!

  3. Calder is definitely turning into a rowdy one. Must be his Mom’s side… 😛

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