Time Running Out

As the weekend came along, the couple had a lengthy conversation about giving Calder a sibling.  To Dale’s surprise, Dagmar brought it up.  (Dagmar had a fear of pregnancy for days on end and then suddenly dropped it.  I caught this little screenshot the same day.)


Friday evening, Dale decided to treat his lovely wife to a night on the town.  They’d been spending too much time taking care of the house and their son.  They needed a night to themselves.  After a nice dinner they headed over to the bowling alley for a bit of silliness.  The two were obviously enjoying each others company and as they pulled up to the bowling alley, Dale thought it might be fun to try a little “rolling who-hoo.”  (It came up as one of his wants and then, given the interesting nature of the previous conversation, I clicked on the obvious option.) Faint bells chimed and, once again, Dagmar was pregnant.

It must be something about the bowling alley.


Meanwhile, Calder enjoyed a quiet Friday evening to himself and his favorite digital world.


The couple returned long after Calder had gone to sleep and the date continued long into the wee hours of morning.  Both slept well and long into the next morning.  It was the quiet before the storm.


The mail brought with it a shock as Dale opened a letter from the Calder’s school.  In it was a letter detailing how many assignments Calder had missed as well as his current grade.   There were also several paragraphs detailing Calder’s exploits with a handful of boys who had built a used video game theft ring.

Dale was absolutely furious about the grades.

The letter began what would later be called the  “Nothing But Putting Your Nose in a Book!” weekend.  Calder was charged with getting every single bit of homework done which he had secretly hidden in his bedroom.  As Dale and Dagmar took turns taking care of the house for the weekend, Calder began his marathon study session.

Calder w book

He was allowed to do nothing else besides his homework or read.  Nothing.  Well, he was allowed to eat…. a bit.


He was occasionally helped out by one of his parents but they were terse and to the point with him.  Dagmar repeatedly stressed the importance of good grades, quizzed him, and even made the young man do a few assignments twice.


Dale de-stressed by painting and by the end of the weekend finishing up the painting he had begun of the young man.  He had to admit, he was disappointed by being lied to and Calder sneakiness.  However, Calder had his hands in a video game theft ring?  Video games?  Dale wondered if there was any solid profit in that sort of thing?

He’d have to ask his son after he got his homework done.


True to Harrison form, Calder got all his work done with time to spare Sunday night.  For two days he’d cracked down and gotten caught up.  He apologized for his behavior and had a long chat with his dad about the profit margin on the secondary video game market.

Monday evening, everyone, even the maid, agreed that he should be rewarded.


(Sorry for the delay in posting everyone!  Things got pretty busy with another hobby of mine along with Life in general.  On top of that, I was a bonehead and deleted a whole section of images for the bowling alley date.  Instead of going back and recreating them I pushed forward. )


One response to “Time Running Out

  1. I love the “Dale was furious about the grades.” Haha, of course. Well, at least he’s not a hypocrite. Then he asks his son about the business. Oh dear. Is this a sign of trouble ahead?

    And then a new baby!

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