Boys Will Be Boys

It all started when Dagmar struck up a conversation with the maid.  It was concerning the new broadway coming to town.

Dagmar mentions theatre

Kaylynn smiled broadly and mentioned that she loved theater and couldn’t wait to see it.  She was, after all, an actress who was just doing the maid thing in order to survive.  She told Dagmar she had already auditioned for two plays in the area and was just waiting to hear back on them.  When Kaylynn finished  she stuck around for a bit and continued her talk with Dagmar.

She confessed she thought Dagmar’s family was wonderful and that she thought Dale was a wonderful catch.  She asked what Dale did for a living and Dagmar said it involved business and a lot of travel.  She neglected to mention the parts about the heists, guns, and alleyway dealings.

He travels

When Calder got off the bus he had brought his friend, Derek Pearson, over with him.  Dagmar noticed how they both blushed when Kaylynn said hello to them.  Soon, they were doing their usual gamestation play time and Dagmar continued getting to know Kaylynn.

Then, the boys changed their tune.  Somehow, weeks of playing gamestation had, in their mind, turned them into men.  In a burst of male hormones they decided on a plan for Calder to get some alone time with the maid.  As Dagmar took care of something in the kitchen, Derek wandered in and started striking up a conversation.  He complimented her on her makeup, on her choice of clothes.  His attempts at charm were cute but he had forgotten who Dagmar lived with.  Never try to con a con man’s wife.

Kevin and Dagmar

Dagmar thought it was very cute.

Meanwhile, Calder had cornered Kaylynn upstairs in the family study.  His moves were, not surprisingly, as smooth as his buddy Kevin’s.  Kaylynn was flattered, thought it was cute, and decided to NOT tell the young man he had an angry zit on his forehead.

Calder and maid

Unfortunately, ever his father son, Calder pushed his luck a bit too far…

Calder pushes luck

Kaylynn patted him on his head and suggested they both head downstairs.  Another family friend, Ziriya, had arrived shortly after Dagmar patted her pursuer on the head and escorted him out of the kitchen.  The boys, refusing to admit defeat, simply shifted targets and began again.


Dagmar was not sure what had gotten into her son or if it was just Kevin’s influence.  She would have to have a long talk with Dale and remind him he needed to scrub his son’s brain out again with a scrub pad.

Later, as the women joked about the young boys she did tell Kaylynn one thing.  She had to admit,  her son and his friend DID have good taste.

Dagmar and Kaylynn


3 responses to “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. I loved Calder trying to impress Kaylynn! I bet Kaylynn represents many a teenage boy’s fantasy!

  2. Oh my! Those boys! I agree with Carla, that Kaylynn is probably in many fantasies.

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