Dale’s Problem

(This message brought to you by The C.J.A.)

Dale seems to have a problem.

It’s been ongoing since day one. Perhaps it’s a habitual thing for him, some effort to return to a more childlike, innocent state of mind? Like an addict needing his fix, this want rolls up daily for Dale. It’s a perpetual want for him.

His family really doesn’t mind. It seems to put him in a good mood and it’s harmless. As he gets older Dagmar is concerned he might hurt himself but otherwise, they let him have his fun. However, this initial behavior can lead to more advanced problems.

Dale is a couch jumper.

Every single day he wants to play on the couch. It doesn’t matter if he’s at platinum level or in the red. He wants to jump around on the couch. He has a great time as he does it and, to be honest, he’s gotten rather good at it.

Lately, he doesn’t even wait for someone to be off the couch. He just bounces around them.


This affliction affects Sim families on a national level. A little couch jumping is ok and is proven to help relieve stress. However, some sims have an issue with it and it needs help. Is your loved family member a jumper? Do you worry they might hurt themselves? the furniture? Guests?


If these questions make you think about your loved one then you should give CJA (Couch Jumpers Anonymous) a call and we can help.


4 responses to “Dale’s Problem

  1. Ha, so funny! I definitely have a few Sims who are in need of some kind of 12 step program as a result of their couch jumping addiction. LOL.

  2. LOL fortunately I haven’t had any sims have this affliction, but if I do I will definitely give CJA a call!

  3. Thanks, gang. It’s a rough addiction and its effects can be really widespread. Thank you for your support. 😉

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