Around Roundabout – The Sanders

The Sanders are a family that live up the road from the Harrisons.  Tessa, Rachael, and Mugsy are all siblings and  were the welcome brigade on that first week in the new house by the harbor.  They themselves are new to Roundabout Corners only having lived in town roughly a year.


Mugsy, the oldest, is from the mountains and currently living with the sisters after working on a cattle farm.  No one knows why he left.   He showed up six months ago looking for a place to live.  Tessa naturally gave him a room.  Though polite most of the times, he has a gruff streak that sets most people off.

Tessa, the tomboy rebel,  is currently in Roundabout to pursue a medical job.  Rachael, a professional volleyball player, is the socialite.   Both of them agreed to come to Roundabout to share a house so as to defray the costs and build their careers. Though they feud occasionally, are incredibly close.    Mugsy was not part of the initial house plan but the two sisters continue to tolerate their older brother until he can get back on his feet.

Since the initial meeting, the sisters have become staples around the Harrison house.  Tessa and Dagmar hit it off and have become close friends.

Dag and Tessa

Stunned to learn she was a sports star, Dale seems to appreciate the fact that although Rachael puts on an air of sophistication she tends to have the brash and honest personality of a sailor once she gets to know someone. 

Dale_happily surprised

( I kid you not this was the icon that came up between the two of them.  I almost had to clean soda off my keyboard.  “You know, Dale, I prefer spotlight whohoo.  It gets me ready for the next match, you know?”)

Mugsy is the one who isn’t around much.  He seems to be a bit of a loner and keeps to himself.  When he has been over with one of his sisters he does seem to enjoy hanging out with Calder.  Dale’s guess is it’s Mugsy’s rough and tumble cowboy humor that fascinates Calder.  The two seem to enjoy themselves.

With Rachael away at matches, Tessa frequently calls the house looking for Dagmar.  Before and after Dagmar quit her job at the restaurant, Tessa has been over continually and both her and Dag have developed a warm and close  friendship.  When they’re not talking or goofing off they seem to actively take care of one another.

Dag and Tesssa02

She’s also been the one to cheer Calder up after a rough day at school by playing gamestation with him.  She jokes around with Dagmar and Dale constantly.

The kicker to all of it?  None of the Sanders know what Dale REALLY does for a living…


One response to “Around Roundabout – The Sanders

  1. I wonder what might happen when they finally do figure out what Dale’s job is.

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