When we left off last time Dagmar was exhausted from work.  After getting a small dinner she then walked off with a bag of chips leaving a small fire burning on the stove.  Not noticing immediately, she wandered off to the dining room to have a seat while behind her the fire slowly began to grow.

Luckily, Dale was in the living room and noticed something was just a little wrong.



In that moment Dale saw himself losing everything.  The fire was raging out of control and he could only hope the fire department would arrive in time.  He tried to extinguish it himself but was losing the battle.  Finally, the firefighters arrived.  Within moments the fire was out and the only thing heavily damaged was the stove and the kitchen wall.  It was over and it was fixable.  Dale breathed a sigh of relief.


Needless to say a conversation was had and an argument broke out.  Calder, up in his room, was oblivious to it all and eventually things calmed as Dale calmed.  He agreed that it was time for Dagmar to quit her job and to focus on Calder.  To refocus he headed to his study to paint and cool down.  The fire had greatly disturbed him and it forced him to realize how truly fragile and vulnerable his family and his life could be.


As if on cue to Dagmar quitting her job, a long time con job reaches it’s finale, pays off and Dale pulls in another chunk of cash. It gives the family some breathing room financially and flush with the joy of a successful job, Dale feels a return of energy and youthfulness.*  He finally gets the family a replacement car after having to sell the truck and does some other minor improvements to the house. He then takes on a few personal days and works with Calder very closely regarding his homework. With both of his parents helping him, Calder catches up and the days leading up to his birthday are golden ones.

The birthday party is a small one.  Tessa and Rachael Sanders are invited over as well as a few others.  Calder has a great time and then the time comes to blow out the candles.

birthday candles

And the result as Calder makes the leap into adolescence…  He becomes a dork.

calder smitten

He takes on the Knowledge and his first move is, of course, to grab a piece a cake.

Calder with cake

Funny enough, his second move which is to hone in directly on the cute teenager from down the road and long time family friend, Zen Slate.   After a few minutes he immediately tries for a hug and Zen backs him up a bit.  It’s possible she’s known him too long but the two of them do not hit it off very well.  Calder happens to look out the window after talking to Zen and sees a young blonde girl stop outside and look towards the party music coming from the house. He excuses himself from Zen and in a move his father notices, he dashes outside to introduce himself.


Her name is Meadow Thayer and they hit it off quickly. He invites her into the last bit of the party and she agrees. Once she comes inside followed by Calder, Zen seems to suddenly notice him and tries several times to make conversation. Unfortunately, it’s too little too late and Calder blows her off. Dale and Dagmar watch from the living room and chuckle over the exchanges. Their son is growing up.


4 responses to “Flames

  1. Oh, too late, Zen! Looks like Calder has moved onto Meadow now!

    I love Meadow. If I had Maxis townies in Sullivan, she totally would have been married in.

  2. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Meadow as things progress… 🙂

  3. LOL, poor Meadow! From my first legacy, I always got the idea that she was just one of those NPCs that all the teen aged boys got a turn with. Since she never aged, the first three gens all got their first kisses with her.

  4. Lunar – Uh, that’s kinda creepy. 😀 Regardless, I shall leave the decision up to Calder.

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