New Home, New Flame

(I’m streaming ahead at a brisk pace because I would like to get caught up with actual playtime.  I feel that my writing as I go back over old notes is just too static.  Hence, I’d like to get us caught up to “present time” in the legacy.)

A few weeks later Dale and Dagmar agree to a low-key wedding in their backyard.  Again, the friends are invited over and another party gets underway.  Dagmar refuses to get dressed up even though Dale puts on his sharkskin suit.  It’s a simple ceremony and the guests enjoy themselves by playing video games and watching the Pleasant sisters fight, even while Dale and Dagmar cut the cake.

wedding fight

Due to a job Dale is working on that requires him to stay in-town, the honeymoon involves a short limo ride and the bride and groom coming back to the house a little after midnight while the Slate sisters watch Calder.  The next day with Calder under control and the wedding out of the way, the two of them settle down and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Dale continues his con work but his jobs are getting bigger and, well, riskier. Even though he works hard he can’t seem to break into the next tier and the bigger jobs. Dagmar works with Calder and except for the occasional run to go play cards, she works on her novel and around the house.  (Throughout this time right after the wedding Dagmar continues to have a fear of getting pregnant again.  She is also continually wanting to make out and who-hoo with three other people.  I pretty much let her do what she wants but, somehow, she keeps it under control whenever a chance presents itself.  It would seem our Dagmar is a bit…. feisty.)

Finally, Dale talks with Dagmar and they decide to make the move after several years hard work.  It will be rough and they will be broke again. However, they agree that its a house they can grow into over time. They make the move.  The truck and many other items get sold but in the end, it’s worth it.  It’s a trophy of a house and something Dale has wanted for a long time.  Now, finally, he can have a house large enough to build a family, his legacy.  (Unfortunately, what he doesn’t know is that Dagmar is consistently having the fear of getting pregnant again.)

new house 02

(Hey, that picture should look sort of familiar…)

Things are tight, very very tight financially as they both work together to stay in the new house.  Calder loves the new house and is constantly having friends over after school to play.

Calder and friend

Though behind in schoolwork, he’s a gentle soul who is always asking to give hugs and to play with his parents.  Besides continually wanting to play video games, he has two other loves; reading the newspaper and cleaning.  Several times I catch him cleaning up directly after a meal or walking all over the house tidying up messes.

calder newspaper

As Calder approaches his teenage birthday, stress is high in the Harrison household. Dale and Dagmar are exhausted much of the time with both of them working and trying to live a spartan life in the new house. Calder takes up much of their free time leaving little else to go towards their own hobbies.  Stress levels increase daily.

Dale works through the day with the occasional night job and Dagmar works late into the evening with her cooking job. Though she likes working in the culinary field, her job is not progressing as fast as she would like and Calder is suffering from both of them being gone so much. His grades have suffered considerably and so she makes the decision to stay at home for the time leading up to his birthday party.  The decision is cemented when, while tired after a long shift past midnight, Dagmar makes a little mistake at home.

Dagmar fire


3 responses to “New Home, New Flame

  1. Hey, I’m the owner of Crystal Bay, love your legacy! I just caught up with your posts and I have to say that I love that he married Dagmar! I’m playing a custom made hood so she isn’t in it, but she is one of the sims I miss the most! Can’t wait to ready more! I am also adding you to my blog roll as well!

  2. Hello, I just saw your comment over at Apple Valley and thought I’d come and check out your blog! I’m all caught up now, so I’m looking forward to reading (and commenting!) more. I’m going to add you to my Google reader so I can keep up. 🙂

  3. Jennifer – Cool! Thanks for checking it all out. The stuff with Dagmar was not intentional on my part at all. The two of them just hit it off pretty much right off the bat. True love at the mailbox. To be honest, coming from Sims 1, it was a bit disturbing to seeing that happen so soon!

    Carla – Welcome aboard! More to come as I get things moving along.

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