The New Harrison

As time moves forward, Dagmar finally gives birth to a little boy one morning which the two of them agree to name Calder.  A Libra, he has his father’s hair and his mother’s eyes.

Dagmar with Calder

Life changes immediately as everything begins to revolve around him. Dagmar agrees to stay at home with Calder and to continue her writing. Dale continues to work and some of his jobs become more dangerous. Regardless, Dale and Dagmar stay madly in love.

One day following the engagement Dale gets a chance to do some nice con work with some insurance scams.  Though torn by it he quickly realized that this could be the chance to get them out of the small house and into the house by the ocean he’d been wanting for years. Local pressure is tight with the cops and there is alot at stake. He goes for it anyway and pockets a nice $5000!  The downside?  Due to constant demands with little Calder, he does something he hasn’t done since he started this criminal gig; he passes out when he gets out of the car.

passed out

Due to her memory problems the nanny neglects to tell Dagmar what she saw and Dale stays out sleeping behind his truck for most of the night and into the next morning.  He takes the next few days off work.  Luckily, it would appear no other neighbors saw him.

In no time, Calder’s first birthday arrives and it’s a celebration that’s celebrated by a handful of folks just outside the house.  Now, the fun REALLY begins…

Calder firstbday

Calder is a massive challenge that neither one of them is ready for at all.  Though a bright child, like most toddlers, he has an uncanny ability to be awake in the middle of the night and to be noisy while he does it.  He also takes up time in numerous other ways.Calderwalking




noisy calder

Amidst this, Dale unsuccessfully tries to learn some mechanical skills.mecahnicalfail

Calder helps…


And, after a time of hard work and late nights, the storm is past and Calder is grown into a walking, talking kid with a love of cake and redheads.


It would appear he got that from his father.  As things seem to calm down slightly, Dale and Dagmar both seem to agree on something the day after the birthday party.  It’s time to make their relationship official.


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