Idyllic Times

As the weeks progresses, Dale had two more dates with Dagmar, his cute young blonde mail courier. She seemed excited to be going on both of them since she surprised Dale with a massive make-out kiss right after arriving at his house. He grilled out for her and the rest of the evening was spent in his bedroom. Most of it was her idea and Dale was not one to refuse.   Dagmar certainly seemed to be, uhm, energetic about her time with Dale.DancingwithDagmar

The second date occurred at the bowling alley where they didn’t even get a chance to bowl. Dale pulled Dagmar into the photo booth for pictures and then, well, you can guess what happened next. The adventure became noisy enough they drew a crowd. After that, it wasn’t a good idea to go in and bowl so they went back to Dale’s to continue things. (And yes, that IS Lothario in the crowd that evening.  Take that, Don!)


Dagmar was more and more a presence in his life over those weeks. They would sometimes sit and talk for hours on end.  (I’m not kidding about this.  One time, after I had Dale talk to her, they talked for what seemed like forever in game.)  Eventually, it just seemed to fall into place.  He  thrived off her younger energy and their interests seemed to blend well.  On top of that, Dale couldn’t seem to get enough of her.  She also had no problems with his job and lifestyle, and, in fact, went along with it.

Dale couldn’t take it anymore and finally asked her to move in with him. Her response was a quick yes and the two of them seemed overjoyed.  She moved in immediately and it appeared the postal job had been going pretty well for her since their bank account soared.  It messed with Dale’s head a little bit but only for a day or so.

Things kept going smoothly for Dale, almost too smoothly.  Shortly after the move-in, Dale was able to purchase a truck and a new couch for the small living room. He also started making plans to expand the house though he was also eyeing the nice house by the water. He’d see how things continued with Dagmar.  They had a few cook-outs and got to know the neighbors more.  The Slates were a family just a block or so over and they seemed to hit it off.  Young Zen would wander over to play video games.  Lilith Pleasant would come over as well, staying much too late and bugging Dale about cool stories about his “gang” and his “jobs.”  Dale was smarter than to entertain her with the truth of his dealings.

hot dogs

The days rolled into  weeks which turned  into months.  The two talked more and more about marriage and children.    Then, one evening, Dale made a few phone calls, got a great seat at an expensive restaurant, and treated Dagmar to a night on the town.  After arriving home, Dagmar was overjoyed at how the evening had gone but still wasn’t ready when Dale popped the question.  She said yes immediately and, like that, the two were engaged.


Another year went by.  There were bug infestations, another fight with Don Lothario, and minor mishaps at work.  Dagmar stayed at home most times, happy to be away from the postal job and worked on her novel daily.  Having been turned onto poker by Dale, she spends numerous afternoons at the card tables and makes several friends there.  She also does pretty well, bringing in little bonuses to their bank account.  All in all, it was an idyllic life.

One evening after another date, Dagmar was pretty sure she’d heard the chiming of baby bells and, sure enough,  two days later she knew.  There was a little Harrison on the way.  She told Dale and they began their preparations.

Dale redesigned the house to make more room for the coming toddler but as he worked he realized something.  Looking at hte tiny lot and house he realizes they’ll need to move soon.  The current house is just not big enough.  He’s been eyeing the big two story house over by the harbor and he would love to have it.  He realizes it might have to wait till after the child is born and the wedding but he has every intention of making that house his one day.   What’s the saying?  “By hook or by crook?”  Yeah, he might have to make a few phone calls…

In the meantime, he’s got a baby on the way and he’s rather giddy about it.



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