Dale is Discovered

(Again, apologies on the screenies.  It’s all I have of this particular time period for Dale…)

Following his promotion up the ladder to working with Hunter Wood on con work, Dale came home feeling pretty damn happy and incredibly hungry. While making some hot dogs on the grill, Lilith Pleasant walked by and waved hello.  They struck up a conversation. He’d not seen her around the neighborhood before but, apparently, the young goth redhead had lilithfindsout02seen him.

He couldn’t help but notice that although the teen wasn’t hitting on him, she was very animated and was very engaged with anything he said. He made some extra hot dogs and she helped herself.

That’s when it came out that she knew he was a criminal and in with local mob. She’d seen him one night when out with friends and had been watching him for a few days.  A regular goth Nancy Drew.

However, Dale noted she was intelligent, funny, AND didn’t seem to mind that he was a criminal. Matter of fact, Dale realized it was why she was talking to him. It was exciting to her. Fair enough. Before the evening was over they were talking about travel, the best handgun to carry in a purse and Lilith was playing gamestation until 11 PM.

He fell asleep on the couch and she let herself out after eating the final hot dog.


He awoke earlier than he wanted to on a day off and spent a few hours painting at 3 in the morning on the patio.  He then headed out to the diner at 6 AM.  for a quick breakfast.

While there he saw Nina Caliente was sitting with Don Lothario.  Yeah, Lothario from the action that went sour by the river a few weeks ago.  Lothario was a local player, pretending to be in the medical field but dancing a little too close to the criminal element in the evenings.  When he wasn’t chasing women, that is.  He’d come real close to getting Dale shot 6 months ago with his stupidity and ever since Dale felt completely justified in holding a grudge.

Dale and Nina had been through some sparks quite a few months ago.  Was Nina seeing Lothario now?   She had mentioned him in the past but until that moment, it hadn’t really clicked with Dale.   Regardless, Dale didn’t really care.  He had cooled things off between he and Nina since meeting Dagmar.  Dagmar had his full attention now not Nina.  Things changed though when, as Dale watched, Nina got a bit too friendly with another guy that walked by.  Don let her have it, slapping her around and Dale was out of his seat in seconds.

Don saw him coming as Nina ran off and the two squared off immediately. No punches were thrown but it did get very intense. Dale kept his cool and backed off.  Don stepped away as well.  Dale tried to go back to his booth but Don followed him, hounding him with his mouth.  Dale was about to say something when Nina came out of nowhere again and clocked Don Lothario.  Dale stayed just long enough to make sure Lothario didn’t retaliate before Nina stormed out of the diner.  Dale backed out shortly afterwards and Nina was long gone.  His appetite shot and his adrenaline pumping, he headed back home, took a shower, and got some painting done.

The next day, he did some inquiring about Lothario and found out quite a bit.  A few phone calls before noon to some “friends” and he was pretty sure Don Lothario would be a bit more careful slapping around women.



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