Meeting the One

The day was a normal one for Dale as he went out to get the paper.  The night before on the job had seen some antics and Dale had arrived home completely exhausted.  I wish I had a screenshot of Dale passed out on the sidewalk after being dumped their by his ride home.  I imagined the night had been full of close calls, car chases, and some sort of fast paced caper.  Not being quite up to it, Dale had perservered and when it was all over had fallen asleep on the way home.  Laughing at the rookie, the other con-men had simply carried him out of the car and left him on the curb.   Around 3 AM, Dale had awoken and stumbled into his house and his bed.

He picked up the paper and noticed the female mail courier walking by, no big deal.   She dropped off some bills and then she stopped and waved at him.  Nothing planned by me.  It  actually took me aback.  Dale spoke back, greeted her,and then he started chatting.  Her name was Dagmar Bertino.  I noted the Italian name and the fact Dale was working as a criminal right off the bat.  Things became apparent VERY quickly between the two that they were hitting it off.  The two bolts showed up in the relationship panel almost immediately.


She then chatted with him and the double green plus icons kept happening.  Then Dale told her a joke and that went over well.  He went back inside, she followed.  Needless to say, a friendship developed immediately.  Dale, at this point, was already seeing Nina Caliente and one other character who you’ll be introduced to shortly.  Considering the oddity of what had just happened with the mail courier, I was intrigued.  A day or so later, after work, I had Dale ask Dagmar out.

The pictures below tell the story…


Dagmar confessed at one point that she knew a thing or two about the criminal element.  (Not kidding here.  She initiated a conversation about Crime.)  He confessed that he was working with a local ring and she didn’t seem offended at all.  In fact, the conversation marked up a few more green pluses.



I figured Dale was quite pleased that Dagmar gave the cards ago.  On top of that, except for Dale winning a decent amount of hands, Dagmar did pretty well herself.  Dagmar, it would seem, knows her way around a card room.  After cards, things progressed predictably…





By the time the date was over, their relationship scores were through the roof.  After the date and the rather *ahem* intense evening, Dagmar left early the next morning only to return with a large bouquet off flowers.

After a few random rolls (will describe these in an upcoming post) I decided Dagmar was the “One” for Dale.  However, I needed him to get a few more Simoleons in place and I wanted a few more days to go by to see what else might occur.

((Post-edit:  I was able to reconstruct some of the dating scenes with my current set-up for screenshots.  Unfortunately, for a few posts, the screenies will go down in quality.  But only for a few!))


2 responses to “Meeting the One

  1. LOL! Her outfit throughout the screenies was killing me. That is a suit of pride.

  2. Yeah. She finally got a make-over but that suit was hilarious for several sessions!

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