Well, Foobar!

It would appear that, as I go back over the camera shots I’ve taken for the beginning years of my Founder legacy, I’ve managed to muss it up amidst all the excitement of playing the game.

I just discovered that all the shots I took were great if you’ve got a magnifying glass tied to the side of your monitor!  In my haste, I never checked the settings which were all set to low quality and small image.  Well, that’ll learn me!  I nearly started everything all over but I’m so far along I think I’ll just plow on ahead.   Also, instead I’ll offer up a quick recap of my Founder and we’ll pick the story up where the pictures get a little better.

Over the coming days, I’ll be posting about my play style, hacks, the neighborhood, and other assorted technical things.   Coming up first, however, is an overview of the founder of my legacy, Dale Harrison.  This will get us up to speed on what’s happened so far…


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