Intro: Dale Harrison

Dale started out pretty average. He went to school, learned design, learned composition, learned how to do quite a bit. He’d been through a fairly normal childhood and played with crayons all the way up through high school. He had a decent school experience. His parents were fairly normal. He was, in general, a nice kid.

He loved painting and illustration. He went to college to become an artist. He learned all sorts of great things about composition, color theory, etc. He also spent a lot of time out at night and had a tendency to hang out with what some would consider, at times, a rough crowd. After graduation, he came to Roundabout Corners as a freelancer with a good list of clients. He bought a small one bedroom house and decided his life was going to be great.


Within a year, things had changed and he’d become an out of work artist with no contracts and a rapidly dwindling bank account.

In desperation, he turned to his “friends” he’d acquired around the card tables. He made a few phone calls back to his old college town. Within weeks he’d been given a job as a courier. Within two months, he was making decent cash as he traded his time at the easel into time with gangsters and guns.

The scary part? He discovered he had the intelligence to make it work and, more importantly, he really liked it.

Dale was able to get a job fairly quick with his underworld contacts and was a courier in no time. He met a few folks. Nina Caliente and a few others. He had a quiet life, occasionally hitting the downtown for food or to meet people. Sometimes he stayed home and painted. He had a party that was a bust. It might have been from the burnt hot dogs. He met a few more people and started hanging out at the card room where he made extra cash.

He moved up fairly quickly over the next year or so and got in with a partner doing cons. In his free time he painted and chased the ladies. Then, one morning, his mail-woman struck up a conversation and things started changing. They got along amazingly well and though the first date was a bit of a flop due to a vampire interrupting things, the second one was quite dreamy and Dale found himself on the verge of being smitten. This is where our story begins…


One response to “Intro: Dale Harrison

  1. Always watch out for those mail people. My sims 2 neighborhood started with one sim and the mailman.

    Nice intro to the character!

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