Kicking It Off

So, I’m coming way late to the party. Hopefully, there are a few folks hanging around the food table who don’t mind a late straggler! Ultimately, none of this is my fault. I blame my wife who said it was ok to spend some extra cash on Sims 2 Double Deluxe and a dear friend who handed down a speedy computer that could take the place of my 6 year old system that coughed and spit smoke on start-up. It’s not my fault, any of it. Really.

You see, I’m an old Sims 1 gamer. I devoted A LOT of time to playing it and loved it. Eventually, my interest did wane but not entirely. I continued to load the game up from time to time and it was on my hard drive till the day it died. Of course, when it died I had loaned my copy of my game to a friend who, of course, lost it. This combined with real life and a growing love of MMO’s and that little thing called Second Life caused the game to drift beyond the horizon for me. I saw that Sims 2 was out but I had other things going at that point. Was I ever stupid about that!

This was until the details I mentioned above which, again, were not my fault in any way, and I started playing again. I also want to mention that it was not my fault I just “happened” to stumble on this little thing called a legacy challenge, prosperity neighborhood challenges, and other devious ways to play the game. I was floored at the vast amount of material and stories out there. From that point on, I was hooked. I wasted no time taking my first experimental sim and proclaiming him my Founder for my first legacy challenge. And away I went!

One of the big mistakes I made the last time around was taking up so much time cruising web sites, modding, and playing with custom material that I forgot to play the game itself. This time around I don’t want to make that mistake. I’m not interested, at this point, in too much excess material. I was also torn about starting this blog. With children of my own and other projects I didn’t want to get bogged down again. I made an agreement with myself. As long as I could keep the posts light hearted, small, and fun then I can continue with this wackiness. The minute I start getting too serious or spending more time doing this than actually playing, this would be the first to go! So, you’ve been forewarned!

I want to thank everyone that’s come before me and the awesome material I find around every internet corner. You’ve inspired me to do my own thing with the game! I understand that as folks move on to Sims 3, I’m a little late. Who knows, maybe the best was saved for last?


One response to “Kicking It Off

  1. Welcome to the game! I saw your comment on Crystal Bay and had to check out your blog. There are still plenty of Sims 2 players and some awesome blogs.

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